Guest post: 26 and Counting

Hey guys! While I am away celebrating my brother’s wedding, and enjoying a little break from work in the hot, hot sun, I’ve asked a few of my favorite bloggers to fill in.
Today, meet Liz from 26 and Counting! Liz and I keep joking about how we’re becoming “Luze,” and I LOVED hanging out with her last month, and now, I’m forcing her to fill in for me, even when she’s going to be out of town (because I’m awesome like that).

Guest Post MVA
{Top: F21, Jeans: Martin & Osa, Belt: H&M, Necklace: NY&Co., Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Shoes: Target}

Hi there friends! Liz here from 26 and Counting. While Suze is away, I’m here to play blog. Maybe you’ve heard {cause Suze and I can’t shut up about each other} I recently hung out with Suze for the day. As you can imagine, she’s pretty great. In addition to lots of laughing and blogger talk, we also did a good amount of shopping. So when deciding what to wear for this post, I opted for a purchase from our trip. A little Suze nostalgia if you will.

Guest Post MVA

Guest Post MVA

Guest Post MVA

The weather wasn’t really cooperating with me today but luckily I caught about a 5 minute break in the rain. However, in the future when you’re taking outfit photos right after a summer storm – don’t pose under a tree. Cause when the wind blows you’ll get sprayed. You’ll also you get photos like this.

Guest Post MVA

Thanks for letting me blog-sit Suze! As always, you can find me over at 26 and Counting.


6 thoughts on “Guest post: 26 and Counting

  1. two of my favs!!! OH seriously Liz I might steal that shirt and that necklace! SO when you and Suze and I have our get together, which will happen, bring them K. Thanks! Hugs to two of the most adorable girls in the blog-o-sphere

  2. That windspray photo has just made my morning. Could you try and be less adorable every once in awhile, Liz? Like maybe get some lipstick on your teeth or something one day? I want to be your smile.

  3. haha! The expression on your face in the last picture is adorable. I love your top. I tried it on and it didn’t look so great on me which made me sad. I am super jealous you got to hang out with the awesome Suze!

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