Guest post: Meet Monkeyface!

Hey guys! While I am away celebrating my brother’s wedding, and enjoying a little break from work in the hot, hot sun, I’ve asked a few of my favorite bloggers to fill in. I bet you’re going to love them all!
Today, meet Monkeyface, you know, that blogger I love that has a cartoon monkeyface? Yeah. Her. She’s super cute and hilarious to boot!! 




Dress: Tucker for Target
Belt: Gap
Shoes: Nine West
Necklace: Figs & Ginger

WHAT UP, Suze friends! I’m Monkeyface, of Hello, Monkeyface! and I’m pleased as peach to meet you today. Let’s shake virtual hands, shall we? None of that dainty light finger touching either – gimme some grip! Thank you. Now personally I’m always a little nervous meeting new people. Let’s just say I did not major in Chit Chattery. So to calm my nerves today, I keep staring at Suze’s header. Not deep into her eyes or anything like some sort of psycho internet stalker, but at the words “colorful” and “crazy” up there. See I can do colorful and crazy. I can get along VERY easily with colorful/crazy fans. I am wearing my brightest little accessories and offering some crazy monkey expressions just to prove it. Wanna know what else is crazy? This dress I’m wearing also belongs to Jenni, who as you all know Suze is kinda obsessed friends with. I am suddenly a little annoyed at myself for not photoshopping some red into my hair, but there’s no going back now. Sometimes I am more lazy than crazy, this moment right here being one of those times. So just to reiterate, hello, I am Monkeyface, and I am a lazy Suze. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Um, green shoes and the dress my [almost] twin owns? Monk really knows how my make a girl love her outfit! 🙂
Check back tomorrow for another outfit from another awesome blogger friend that’s as sweet in person as she is on her blog!


10 thoughts on “Guest post: Meet Monkeyface!

  1. “Let’s shake virtual hands, shall we? None of that dainty light finger touching either – gimme some grip! ”

    OH MY GOD! I think I love you. One of my biggest pet peeves.

  2. Fancy seeing you around these parts Monk. I almost didn’t comment cause my fingers are being lazy but I bribed them with Girl Scout Cookies.

  3. I’ve got this dress and have yet to wear it because I’m not sure of the styling. I need to get on it because this is adorable on Monk!

  4. hahaha, oh how I love you Monk! This made me giggle. And I always love how you style this dress… You always remind me that I haven’t styled this dress up in a while. I should get on that… hmm…

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