One more outfit before I go…

On vacation. One more outfit post before I go on vacation.

Top: H&M
Skirt: Antropologie (gift from Joe)
Shoes: c/o Wanted

I haven’t mentioned it but once on here, but my brother is getting married on Friday. He lives here in Michigan, so you’d think I wouldn’t have to travel very far. But, oh no, he and his fiance had the brilliant (I really mean that, not sarcastically) idea to have a destination wedding. So, they did. And guess where they picked to get married?


Yeah, that’s right. Pale-as-a-ghost Suze is traveling to a place close enough to the equator that her skin will burn off without ever having to step outside. I over-packed on sunscreen. Four bottles ranging from SPF 50 to 100.
I have a floppy hat, flip-flops, full-coverage swim suits. And, even better, I have my camera to take photos of the magnificent wedding.  Be prepared for photo overload when I get back.

And, while I’m away, I have some awesome blogger friends filling in for me, and I think you’re really going to enjoy their outfits!


In the midst of packing. I’m really bad at packing.

Loafy judged me the entire time.

But finally, I got that mess down to this
Yup. I read funny books while on the plane. No sense reading something with substance. But, guess what? Everything fit in my carry on, even my camera gear!

Hopefully when I get back I am still pale, not sunburned!


32 thoughts on “One more outfit before I go…

  1. Haha. Loafy is cute. Cats…I love them and all their judgmental ways. Have fun in Jamaica! I look forward to your post-vacay photo onslaught.

  2. Have fun!! It’ll be gorgeous!! And oh gosh, sunscreen is my best friend, my lover, my soul mate…. um… got a little too carried away! Anyway have fun again and I love that skirt!

    Sparrow & Urchin

  3. Congrats and best wishes to your brother and his bride to be!
    Hope you have an amazing trip and enjoy the sun! (you’ve got enough sunscreen, I think you’ll survive!)

  4. Oh have soooo much fun!!! You’ll have a blast 🙂 And I suck at packing too because I tend to over-pack…. so I will typically have towers of shirts, skirts, etc. and then force myself to remove anything that can’t be worn more than once. My husband laughs at me every time 😉

  5. How fun! We just got back from our honeymoon there and had a great time. But, YES, put on sunscreen! And then put on some more! We fried and it made for a rough last few days….:(

  6. Suze – Love this outfit on you. The skirt is adorable. Enjoy your vacation and the warm weather! Can’t wait to see all the pics you take while in Jamaica – I’ll live vicariously through you. – Katy

  7. Yay! Where’s the wedding going to be at? I hope you will enjoy the trip and congrats to your brother and his wife-to-be. ^^

    LOL at Loafy. XD Maybe she’s analyzing where she should fit herself on your suitcase. ^^

  8. LUV YOUR SEASHORE SKIRT TO DEATH. And I cracked the eff up at that second photo up there and also at your sunscreen shot. Hahahaha four?! Suze, good lord. You’re going to come back from Jamaica transparent. 😉

  9. I love the outfit, especially the top! I have the same one but in black. As a fellow pale girl, I totally understand about the sunscreen. Also, love the book choice! I love that series for light but very entertaining reading.

  10. Have a great trip, and HOW did you get everything into one carryon?? Please tell us your secret . . .

    • Honestly, I’m not sure! I fit a ton of crap in there, including my camera equipment. I might need to turn it into a post!

  11. That skirt you’re wearing is awesome! I love the print on it. Have fun on your trip! Sounds like it’ll be a ton of fun as long as you don’t get burnt – but you brought tons of protection so I’m sure you’ll be fine!

  12. I am so bad at packing too – I always take too much stuff!! A girl has to have options! I love that photo of the cat, too funny. My cat always used to crawl into my suitcase within minutes of me putting it out to pack. I miss her doing that 😦 Have fun!!

  13. Have fun in Jamaica! A destination weddings sounds so dreamy! I definitely don’t blame you for over packing sunscreen. Us pale folks have to protect our skin. The big floppy hat is essential to sun protection as well.

  14. This is such a gorgeous skirt on you!! I love it. Have a very great time in Jamaica!!!!!!

  15. I just saw this as I’m a terrible blog reader especially whe nit comes to my bloglovin feed. You look adorable. And AHH JAMAICA! that’s where my family is from. I lived there when I was little and my parents we missionaries. I loved it, it was a great experience and despite all the crime lately, it really is a beautiful country, and I hope you have a ton of fun and congrats to your brother!

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