The one with the yellow skirt

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This outfit was inspired by something I pinned to my Pinterest a long time ago. I found this cool close-up of a yellow skirt and a leopard top and loved it, and wanted to recreate it. And it took me a little while to do so, but I really love my interpretation of the look. It’s very me (and very colorful!).

The last time I saw someone wear this shade of leopard print, it was my friend Toni, and she referred to herself as very Peg Bundy. Well, that’s all that was flowing through my head yesterday too, and I’ve got one up on Toni- I have red hair! So very Peg.

Some of you guys were commenting on my shoes yesterday, which I am wearing again here. These sandals are cheap ($20), flat and from Target. They’re not the MOST comfortable if you have to stand in them for long periods of time, but they’re nice and breezy, and kinda match my skin.
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24 thoughts on “The one with the yellow skirt

  1. Oh Suze! Just add this whole outfit to the list of “Things Liz Wants to Borrow”! I love the color of the animal print shirt!

  2. Suze – We seriously are long lost twins. I’m got on the Katy version of this exact outfit today. Of course mine is a dark denim pencil skirt and basic-colored animal print. I love your shirt here. Saw it yesterday at Forever21 and was totally tempted to grab it.

  3. I love this combination on you! Yellow is my favorite color! My bf said that I looked like Peg in an outfit once. Apparently, I took it as a huge compliment! Even if my hair is only fauxred.

  4. You look AWESOME! I love that yellow skirt, but the blue leopard print shirt makes it something extra special. Love this look. Your hair looks great too, by the way.

  5. Hahahaha, yes! I need to find that dress, I wonder if it would fit over my baby gut these days.

  6. I love your yellow skirt. It reminds me of my yellow skirt that is currently being held hostage in the trunk of my not-working car (long story). It’s one of my 30 for 30 picks and will be making it’s debut as soon as I get it back.

  7. Wow! Love the new comment box. 🙂

    I love this outfit! The blue leopard print top looks perfect with the skirt. The color is so you. I can’t imaging you wearing something dull. ^^

  8. the outfit is so fab! Love that skirt! I am a big fan of colorful pencil skirts and yellow is definitely a color I still need in my closet!!

  9. That colorful leopard top looks so cool with the bright yellow skirt! I just love the colorfulness of this outfit! (Yes, I’ve decided “colorfullness” is a word – just to describe this!)

  10. Ahh yellow skirts. They make anyone look amazing I think! I sewed up a yellow circle skirt just a couple of weekends ago.

    I really love the colours you’ve mixed! It has given me confidence to mix up my skirt a bit more than just with neutrals!

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  12. What a great outfit! I just saw someone else wearing a yellow skirt and was totally crushing on it. As soon as my 30 for 30 no shopping ban is lifted I’m going to look for a bright yellow skirt:)

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