This is how I talk. And the winner of the Acute Designs giveaway!

You asked for it, I [awkwardly] filmed it. Here I am, in all my awkward glory, talking about Empire Records, bagels and burping.

And congrats to Nicole Martin! You’ve won the Acute Designs giveaway!

Please email (vinylahoy [at] me to collect your prize.


24 thoughts on “This is how I talk. And the winner of the Acute Designs giveaway!

  1. For real though we are twins. We’ve already established that Empire is also my favorite movie as well annnnd my mom gets so mad at me because I belch like a very large man.

  2. Girl, you aren’t self-conscious at all! You’re all direct and professional ha! I’d feel like an idiot talking to a camera. good vlog 🙂

  3. This is totally not how I thought you would sound. (Don’t worry that’s not a bad thing!). Just different. You have a slight tinge of a British accent which is kind of confusing, but it’s lovely. And we all have strange things about us- it’s totally ok. and I think you say bagel way more normally than my boyfriend does- he can’t correctly pronounce hard As so he says it bay-gel.

  4. You’re so weird and cute, I love it! I also like you without bangs, because you have a cool widow’s peak!

  5. awesome! I don’t really notice that you say bagel and milk weird but then again I am Southern and I haven’t heard many Midwesterners speak. It’s nice to have a voice with a face!

  6. Loved this! 🙂 Is it weird that you look kind of different to me on video? Still just as adorable, but slightly different! 😉

    Also, the way you pronounce bagel (the A sound) is the way i pronounce blabbermouth, and everyone makes fun of me for that! Like “blay”-ber-mouth. (Why I’m going around saying blabbermouth all the time is another question in itself hahaha.)

  7. Girl, I love your voice! Ok, I change my answer–I would watch your videos. 🙂 Oh, and I am also a belcher. K hates it.

  8. You talk well! I actually like the way you talk and you voice too… it sounds calm and confident. 🙂 I think all people are weird cause we’re human… I think I’m a lot weird than you. XD

    And oh, congrats to Nicole Martin! ^^

    • Haha 🙂 that’s true! You know my weirdness in person. Which reminds me, we need to meetup for dinner sometime soon, since we were snowed out in March.

  9. Just got around to watching this {joys of being alone at work}! Pretty much I’m a big fun of the video…and bagels too. But not so much the burping/belching but that’s only because I can’t make myself do it.

    • Ha! I’ve never even BEEN to Minnesota!! I wonder how I picked up that accent… (dad’s southern and mom’s from Michigan!)

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