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I did a massive closet overhaul a few weekends ago, and pulled out many items I don’t really wear anymore, but are still in fabulous condition, and listed them for sale here (or click the picture above).
Accessories \ Tops \ Skirts \ Dresses \ Vintage

Most items are either $10 or $15, and I have some other stuff to list later this week (more skirts and some shoes!). If you see something you want, be the first one to email me about it, and I’ll put it on hold for you. Once you’ve paid the invoice, I’ll mail it out.

Prices include US shipping- contact me for international rates.


3 thoughts on “Shop my closet

  1. This looks like you put a lot of time into it! I need to do this someday…

    You have some really great stuff. Have you ever worn the Forever 21 sailor dress, mustard yellow skirt or polka dot skirt? Also, loving the vintage pink rain/spring jacket! Someone needs to snag these items, stat! 🙂

    • Yes, I’ve worn everything listed there, but sometimes I don’t take photos for my blog, so I don’t have pictures of me wearing the items to show anyone.

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