The weather still stinks

May 19, 2011

It’s mid-May. I’m wearing tights. What’s wrong with this picture?

Another borrowed top from Liz (don’t worry, I’m wearing my own clothes too. Just on crappy days, apparently!). I swear, her clothes get me all sorts of compliments. This time, I was buying cat food (hey, Loafy’s gotta eat!), and the girl in front of me turns around and asks, “is that a dress?”
I laugh, say no, it’s a top and skirt, and she tells me how cute my outfit is. Mind you, I take her opinion to heart because she had Kat like pink hair, so I obviously believed her.

Did you know I once had hot pink hair? Yup. Back in college, in between the red and purple phases.

I found this great photo area by the side parking lot at Jcpenny’s. I was talking (again) to Liz, discussing my need for varying my outfit taking locations. Then I stumble across this place and was sold by the presence of this duck. Love it.


14 thoughts on “The weather still stinks

  1. The grass is always greener! (Lol, and har har, because your grass is VERY green.)

    No, but seriously– I’d die to wear tights comfortably right now. But I may be able to for the next week and that’s it. It’ll make my skin want to crawl.

    • The grass is so green because it won’t stop raining, LOL!!
      Honestly, I didn’t touch up the color on these photos AT ALL! This is how it looks in Michigan right now. It’s forcasted for us to have 8 of then next 10 days of RAIN. Ugh.

  2. Blessed by the duck! I so love getting random outfit compliments whilst doing normal shopping. I can’t imagine having pink hair, or hair any other colour than mine really, I’ve never dyed my hair.

  3. I can sympathize about the weather. I went strapless dress yesterday… over jeans. With a cardigan and scarf most of the day. It is just finally getting to the point where I have to dream up one and two layer looks only, but yeesh. Figure it out, weather.

    Anyway, random compliments are great (and she was right). I love the stunning colors and the duck makes your location basically perfect.

  4. The weather is crap here too and I live in southern california! I cannot believe it is almost June and I had my heat on yesterday….
    Love your skirt, btw :).

  5. Great location and I agree with the pink haired grocery store lass, I love this combo! You and Liz are great swappers!

  6. Great way to bring in color even in crummy weather. WE are having the same problem in Boston and I keep wearing black. Black Bleak Black.

  7. It does look like a dress, they work so nicely together! I’m going to sound like one of my readers so just like my readers you can completely ignore me and I will respect you forever for it, but that skirt would be even more rocking if you took off like 2″. Again, feel free to ignore, you still look lovely!

    I had pink hair in college too! I feel as though I say this in many comments on your blog, but each time I know more about you I like you even more!

    • LOL, I won’t completely ignore you, but I will explain that I’m keeping the length because I wear it to work, and I’m not comfortable rockin’ a mini skirt at work (I’m fairly tall, so it would be mini!!).

      LOL, I’m glad!

  8. i love stumbling on photo locations. I was looking for something else on the internet and ended up at a page for a park right down the street, I went to check it out and it was the kind of park I’ve been looking for since I started blogging… right on the river and gorgeous. I’m excited!

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