The one with the compliments

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This is my living room. The cats have a tent, I have a framed picture of them on the wall, and we collect pop cans (10 cent return!!). Welcome to my apartment (thanks crappy weather!!).

I don’t think I’ve ever had an outfit get as many compliments as this one did. Everyone loved the top (thanks Liz), and the skirt (again, thanks Liz!). But I think the best part was that it’s such a springy outfit and Michigan insisted on 45 degree weather all day long. I didn’t even get to wear a coat! (Forgive me for assuming it will be at least 60 degrees in mid-May.)

So, as you’ve probably read on my twitter, or Liz’s blog, we hung out on Saturday. Yup, drove through this:
storms on my way to Ohio

With this:

To see her:
Liz in Target

And you know what? So much flippin’ fun. Liz is exactly who I thought she’d be. We were calling dibs on each other’s purchases throughout the day, trying to figure out how long it would take me to get to her house (I’m crashing on her couch next time), and we were arguing about who’s a more picky eater. Liz won.

In the midst of all that, we swapped clothes. If you head over to Liz’s blog today, you can see my diamond print Anthropologie skirt on her (I have a feeling I might not get it back).


13 thoughts on “The one with the compliments

  1. You girls did a great job swapping! Both adorable. And, yes, I am behind you 110%–where the cuss is my springtransitioningintosummer weather?!?!?! UGH!!!

  2. Every time I see this skirt I love it more. Maybe you should keep the shirt it does go perfectly with the coral stripe in your skirt. 🙂

    Very lovely outfit and cute shoes.

    ps. you should check out this blog she has the same skirt ” Little Girl Big Closet”

  3. this skirt is gorgeous!! I love how you put it together with the other colors and those shoes!!

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