The one with the florals

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ebew florals

I kind of feel like a 50s housewife in this outfit. I’m not sure if it’s the buttoned up sweater or the skirt, or the two together, but it’s one of those outfits that I’m loving the color combo of, but not the whole thing together. I think it would’ve been less 50’s with a different top, or without the cardigan buttoned up. Oh well, you live and learn!

I’m pretty excited for my outfit tomorrow, because Liz told me what to wear (and I told her). It should be pretty interesting to see what we came up with!

(This is one of the skirts I bought when I went thrifting with Katie. She used to have it, and I just loved it.)

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17 thoughts on “The one with the florals

  1. You haven’t met a print that hasn’t liked you. This color is so soft, and yet you come off as strong in it. Yes, I see the ’50’s housewife thing you mentioned; only you look like the kind that listened to Esquivel! and could make a mean martini.
    the Citizen Rosebud

  2. Ha ha! I have the 50’s housewife in florals thing going on today too. Must be something in the air. Anyhow, you look amazing!

  3. The color palette is just gorgeous! And I don’t think it’s “too 50s” at all–I love the silhouette. However, I think it would look cute with the cardigan tied at the waist, too–it would highlight the waist of the skirt, and give just a bit of a twist. But I love it regardless!

  4. That skirt is from Target. I know because I used to own one. I was actually thinking about it yesterday and wondering if I might still be able to style it. I was thinking about the different type of pleats after wearing an accordion pleat skirt. Anyway, you look great.

  5. love this outfit. I get inspired to check out my closet each time I read your posts! thanks, so much!


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