Bubblegum pink

5-8-11 two

The worst thing about spring must be the allergies. The second worst thing is the bugs. Both have started taking over this weekend, probably because it’s been a few of the warmer days Michigan has seen recently.

My mom found this dress for me to wear to my brother’s wedding in June (he’s getting married out of the state, where it’s going to be ungodly warm). I liked the dress so much, it obviously didn’t make it to the wedding to debut. It’s one of those dresses I feel good in, and I feel like it flatters my curvy figure. Of course, as a curvy woman, I feel like I also have a slightly warped sense of what looks good on me because I’m always inspired by people much slimmer than me, with no curves, and I have to dress this body. So it’s still a learning experience for me. My mom’s just happy I’m not wearing t-shirts and jeans like I did all though college. Having an “adult” job means I have to wear adult clothes, I suppose.

Day number two of this necklace. I think I love it.

If you didn’t get a chance to read about Elisa and her blog, Styled by U, check it out here. She’d love for you to style her!


24 thoughts on “Bubblegum pink

  1. It shows in the pictures that you love what you wear… your smile looks very beautiful! ^^

    I agree with you with this dress. 🙂 It really flatters your figure. And again, I super like your necklace! ^^

    I like your mom! ^^ Most moms I know wanted their daughters to dress up casually because they’re afraid of their little dolls being snatched away by boys at an early age. Or maybe it’s because I’m living in a conservative society. XD

  2. that shade of pink is AMAZING on you, lady! i’m glad you busted it out before the wedding since pretty clothes are meant to be worn!

  3. I was just about to ask you if you got this when we went shopping! I was like… wait… wha… I don’t remember this dress! I would have stolen it from your side of the cart!! 🙂 All I have to say is, again, your momma is a great shopper! I’ve decided that spring is the time for a LPD – little pink dress. 🙂

    LOVE IT with the pink necklace. Pink on pink – yes, please.

  4. love it! great color and silhouette to wear alone or spice up with accessories! i think you’re doing a fantastic job styling to complement you curves.

  5. I really like this dress on you, what a great shape and color! And that necklace is awesome, I would wear it every day if I owned it!

  6. i know the feeling. there are things curveless gals can get away with that i cant, and so help me, everytime i see a blousy button down with boob pockets i try it on and every time it looks bad.

    but this dress is adorable! love the color! and i dare you to wear the necklace all week!

  7. Guarantee that’ll get some attention. I like pink on women anyhow. Today I’ve added another article on my blog also.

  8. Suze, you look adorable! I love this dress and the shoes are a great match. I’ve been looking for a good statement necklace like that, it’s surprisingly hard to find one that looks right on different necklines.

  9. Yep, the allergies and the bugs could be eliminated from spring and I’d be one happy girl! I love this dress–the cut and color are perfection on you, and it’s perfectly balanced with the sweet necklace and kickass wedges.

  10. “I’m always inspired by people much slimmer than me, with no curves, and I have to dress this body.” YES! Truer words were never spoken! You look amazing!

  11. That dress is beautiful! The colour is just a big pop of amazing, and it really does flatter your figure wonderfully 🙂 It was practically meant for you! Looks great with that necklace too.

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