Meet Elisa from Styled by U


Meet Elisa, from  Styled by U. I found her blog from a tweet Tieka sent out.

Basically, you suggest an outfit (or two) to Elisa; she photographed her entire wardrobe and listed it on the blog. Her goal is to have outfits styled by you, the reader. I suggested one to her, not knowing if it would even work, and it did!

Elisa joined me for a quick interview, to give you guys more information, so you can rush over and style an outfit for her!

Why did you decide to start this blog?
I decided to start the blog because I LOVE style blogs, and I can spend an inordinate amount of time scouring through them… so that eventually I decided I wanted to have my own.
However, I’m quite frugal and although I feel that I have a good sense of style (as in, I can pinpoint what looks good on others), I don’t think I have a very trendy closet. So I figured that if I wanted to showcase stylish outfits from a not-terribly-stylish closet without spending money on a whole wardrobe overhaul, I was going to have to put some very creative outfits together.

Problem is, I think I’m kind of conservative and think-inside-the-box a little too much when it comes to my outfits (I’m like the opposite of a creative remixer. I find myself in the same ol’ tried and true outfits ALL the time). So I came up with the idea of letting the creative geniuses that are found among all the style bloggers in the web contribute to my search for a more stylish version of me. So essentially it’ll the same girl, same clothes, new (fabulous) style.


What do you hope to accomplish with your blog?
I hope to accomplish a fresh take on the same boring clothing items that I find in my closet. I think that although the styles of the outfits will stem from other people’s visions, I will be able to identify with a lot of them and will be able to extract my individual style from among other people’s suggestions.

What happens if someone suggests a look that doesn’t really work? Will you change things?
Ideally, I’ll have several options to choose from on a daily basis… and if that’s the case, I’ll start selecting suggestions at random from the pool of suggestions that are placed in my comments. The good news is, I’m not easily embarrassed so hopefully that helps me rock every single outfit with confidence, even if it’s viewed as quirky to others 🙂 I want to make it that way so that I don’t select something that I would’ve thought of on my own, and get trapped in the same style rut I’m trying to get away from. So I hope to keep outfits exactly as they’re suggested, unless they’re not practical due to weather or an activity I’ll be doing that day…


How often are you hoping to post outfits?
I’m aiming to post outfits a minimum of 3 times a week… hopefully I can keep that up.

If you buy something new/get rid of something, will you replace the photos of your stuff?
I will definitely update the pictures of things I add or remove from my closet in real life 🙂



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