The one with the necklace

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Liz can vouch for how long I’ve been obsessed with a necklace like this one. Anthro had their “Stormy Seas” necklace last year, and I totally missed buying it. So guess how surprised I was to find out Kie & Kate, where Andrea now works, carried this necklace?! She says they also have white. I sent her a text to order mine, so I’m sure you can probably email the shop if you want it (I believe they’re in the process of opening an online shop and a brick and mortar shop in Illinois).

I’m so very tempted to also buy the white one, but this pink one is awesome. I could wear it everyday, but I’m trying so hard to not. It’s so pretty in person!

I think I’m in a “mix pink and green” mood…


18 thoughts on “The one with the necklace

  1. i LOVE this mixing or pink and green!
    the pink-n-green combo often tends to look prim and preppy, but i think the darker, olive green makes this look edgier.
    and you are ROCKIN those flared jeans!

  2. Love the outfit – I’m definitely going to try out the pink & green stuff, but that will require me to buy something green. Sigh, I’m on a three month spending fast so it will have to wait, but I won’t forget! That necklace is off the charts! I’m wondering if I could whip one up myself. Hmmm.

  3. The necklace is pretty cool and I love how you mixed it- instead of a confectionary pile on of pastels, you give it edge with the earth tones and the fab 70’s flared jeans. You look amazing and your deft color combos always delight!

  4. Oh my, that is a gorgeous necklace!! Instead of buying, it makes me wanna try to make it!!

    And yeah, you can pretty much wear it with EVERYTHING!!

  5. This is a beautiful look. And! Your hair looks amazing. My Aunt Kay is a redhead, and she was forever talking about colors that redhead’s “cant wear”. One of the things I love about your blog is the variety of colors you do wear – and they all look lovely.

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