The one with the rainstorm


Today was the day of failures. My shoes broke, my homemade marshmallows (which were yummy) failed, and while I took these photos, it started to rain. Joe and I got in a fight, my cell phone cover broke, I accidentally stayed at work until 6:30 and my cat left a “gift” in the bathroom for me to clean up.


But, I suppose I should be happy about other parts of the day. I had a few amazing compliments come my way via twitter (um, love you guys!!), Joe listened to me whine about everything and even apologized after hanging up on me, and Loafy was waiting for me when I got home!

So I guess today proves that along with the bad comes the good. And rain. Lots and lots of rain. (It’s still raining. My hair is going to HATE this tomorrow.)


23 thoughts on “The one with the rainstorm

  1. You know what they say, when it rains, it pours – and not just the morton salt.
    sorry about the shoes! can they be fixed? they look so darn cute!

    • Yes, I just need to get new heel tips (apparently mine broke off and I didn’t know it…)

      They’re super cheap, so it’s not a HUGE deal if I can’t fix them, but I would be sad!

  2. I was going to say you looks adorable and I loved your shoe. Then I read all the words, and all I have to say now is *hugs*, I hope today is better, despite the rain (we have that here too).

  3. I love the colors in your outfit! Especially those green shoes… if they go missing, you’ll know why!
    Heck, okay, I won’t steal them until you’re having better days!

  4. Before anything else, I like the color combination you used (mustard + blue + green). I love the green shoes… is this the one which broke? 😦

    Sometimes, we have bad days but there’s always silver lining somewhere and a cute fat cat waiting to cheer us up. 🙂

  5. I hate bad days! 😦 I have to say, though, you looked amazing through it all apparently! I LOVE this outfit! It looks so good on you and the colors are so pretty. The heels with the jeans look so cute and your necklace looks AMAZING styled this way! It totally shows it off. 🙂

    You’re convincing me with each hair do that I need to grow my hair out. Speaking of hair and rain, yeah, I’ve had a perma bad hair day this entire week. Ughghghg.

  6. Burke says, “Without the shoes not so good. With the shoes awesome, incredible, amazing!”

    P.S. she says “Mom I hope she post something back.”

    • Haha! Burke is so sweet! I love these shoes. I totally busted the heels, which is why I was holding them instead of wearing them. 🙂

      Tell Burke I say “hi!” And I made my own button necklace this weekend that I think she’ll love!

  7. On the bright side you look fan-tab-ulous! 😛 Seriously though, sorry your day sucked but at least you look bright, springy, and beautiful.

  8. AH!!! The infamous necklace! heehee

    I am having a similar day: whiny child, tummy cramps, dirty dishes, incompetent boss, etc. Hugs to you!

  9. Sorry you had such a bad day… at least you looked amazing while going through it! I love this color combination you’re working… yellow, green, blue and your red hair = excellent! – Katy

  10. Aww I’m sorry you had a bad day!! I blame the weather! It just puts everyone in an icky mood! haha.

    At least you had an adorable outfit on ! I love your use of the colors! I honestly can’t pick which part is my favorite! The cardi is adorable and I love the color of your shoes!

    Hope it gets better for you 🙂


    I’m new to the world of fashion blogging. Stop by and say hello 🙂

  11. Aww I’m sorry you had such a bad day! I blame the weather!! It puts everyone in an icky mood!! Haha.

    I love your outfit though! The colors are amazing!! 🙂

    Hope it all gets better for you


    {PS} I’m new to the world of fashion blogging. I’d love it if you’d stop by and say hello 🙂

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