How-to knot your hair: the five-minute hairstyle

The knotted hairstyle from this post is way easier than it looks.
You need: slightly damp hair, bobby pins, a brush or comb and about five minutes of your time.


Start by brushing your still damp hair smooth. (if it’s damp, it’s more likely to stay.)


You’ll end up splitting your hair into four sections, so I usually part my hair in the middle and take half of the one side for my first twist.


Start twisting your first section. Don’t make it too tight, or it’ll pull on your head (painful!).


Start to loop the twist toward the back of your head, behind your ear. You can make mini Princess Leia buns, or make it whatever shape you choose. Sometimes it’s easiest to let the twist dictate how it wants to lay on your head.


I usually pin it in a few spots now, then come back after all four of my buns are done to finish the pinning.



Then, do your second twist. I like to start in the front on the opposite side, so the final two twists are the ones in the middle of the back of my head. I like to do thing symmetrical, what can I say?



Pin your second twist, similar to how you pinned the first. I try to tuck the ends under and pin those first, unless I want them to stick out.


Now split the remaining hair into two sections.


Begin twisting one of them.


Pin it up! And repeat for the fourth section.


Voila! Now you have something like this! I always go back through and repin any sections that seem loose, and fix ends that are sticking out.

You can choose to hairspray your hair, but I never do. Because I do it when my hair is damp, it tends to stay all day (or until I take it out).


14 thoughts on “How-to knot your hair: the five-minute hairstyle

  1. I love the hairstyle, and I’ll def try it! I bet you have great tousled waves when you take the pins out after styling damp.

    Also, I love that you seem to have no qualms about capturing your clutter. I admire you.

  2. (1) this hairdo is so friggin cute, it makes me wanna grow my hair back long just so i can play with it!

    (2) loving the striped socks with the polkadot pants. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I always seem to leave my hair down or throw it up in a ponytail, so I’m trying to experiment with different looks, and you guys get to see them all, LOL! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I was supposed to style my hair like this few Saturdays ago after seeing it on your blog but I failed big time on copying the look. ~_~ I just ended up having my hair down and pinned flowers on it.

    And oh, hi Loafy!! I can see you!! lol XD

  4. I really love this hairstyle but I think my hair might actually be TOO long for it. My hair reaches the small of my back and is about 3 feet long and at this point, I think the length is too much for little twisties. Too bad, it’s so cute!

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