The one with the weekend update


This weekend, I went thrifting with Katie from Fashion Frugality. We hit up a few places and found some awesome stuff. If you’re not a thrifter, we may need to talk. Seriously.


Katie decided to get her prom-dress on, while I found a large collection of Kentucky Derby/Sunday church hats…





Yes, my dears, this is an entire LEATHER outfit. Strapless dress with matching jacket. Sadly, Katie did not take this home.


This is my best “guys, I’m totally a blogger, look at my cropped pants, half-tucked in shirt, big hat, sequin jacket and angry face” pose. Totally nailed it, right?!

My outfit: Dress: Tulle, jacket: Target, shoes: Forever 21, belt: Ruche, purse: won at TXSCC, earrings: won from TXSCC, tights: c/o We Love Colors
(I know, I didn’t do the color bar thing today. That’s what happens when all your photos were taken on your phone!)

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17 thoughts on “The one with the weekend update

  1. BWAHAHAHA. Wow, these are some classic looks. Wow, am I ever sad that I didn’t take home that leather get up… I mean… two tone leather, shoulder pads and strapless wrapped into one look? So hard to walk away from that… 🙂

    Had a blast, lady.

    • You’re probably as broken up as I am about leaving behind that split sleeve top. Would’ve been awesome in the snow today 😉

      • HA! That really would have been perfect with the snow. Oh, you could have topped it over that Tommy Hilfiger denim mini dress. Perfection.

  2. You could go to the royal wedding in your hats. I just saw a news report that sales of hats like this are up because Kate wears them….maybe you should buy them cheap and sell them for some profit!! Looks like you had fun!

  3. I am one of those people who do not thrift. I find it weird because I have so many vintage piece in my collection. Just the idea of hunting for stuff sounds like so much work. When I go shop for fun I want it to be easy.

  4. I love those hats. I always want to buy them. I’m not sure how I’d incorporate them in my wardrobe, but I’ve come home with one or two…

    Also, I’m not sure if I missed you mentioning this before, but are you officially naming all of your posts in the same manner as episodes of friends?

    • I think I am, LOL. It started with two posts, and I didn’t realize I was doing it until someone pointed it out to me. And now, I think it’s funny, so I’m naming them like Friends episodes. If only my name were Rachael or Monica. I could use actual episode names! 🙂

  5. Ahh, you two look like so much fun. I miss my thrifting buddies :(. Seems like my friends lately don’t have the endurance to keep up with my hours and hours AND HOUUURS of sorting through things obsessively.

    And that last pic… half tucked in shirt? DEFINITELY nailed it!

    • Yes! We both ended up with a few things. I’ve already worn a few of them, but didn’t get photos (I have been a bad blogger lately!!)

    • We tried on a ton more than this, but all I had was my phone, and we were always laughing and running back (one changed while the other scoured the racks), so sadly, this was all we got.
      At one point Katie was inside the dressing room, changing, and I was outside, and we were BOTH trying stuff on. I’d try to beat her to having a new shirt on me before she’d come out of the dressing room. Totally worked 🙂
      Then, we went to Value World (they don’t have changing rooms) and we literlly changed in the corner, behind our shopping cart. Crazy!

      • Katie and Suze’s Thrifting Tips:
        1. Always wear a dress or skirt
        2. You probably shouldn’t attempt to try things on in front of a two ways mirror. Random in a thrift store but absolutely possible.
        3. Always try the most ridiculous things on

        HA HA

        • 4. Giggle. A lot.
          5. Strike your best blogger pose when trying things on to decide if you should get them or not. Obviously if it looks good in blogger pose, it lookd good all the time.
          6. When in doubt, add a hat.

  6. Aww… I wish we have something like that here too. That would save me a lot of money. 😦

    I love the hats you tried! Did you buy any of them? ^^

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