What’s all this hype about Pinterest?

By now, you’ve probably heard about Pinterest, but unless you’ve made it through the waiting list or received one of the few invites each member gets, you may not be part of the addicted users (that will change soon, I bet!).

Pinterest is basically your personal pinboard of inspirations, likes and obsessions. Currently, I have six “boards” where I categorize things I want, things I finally own, things to DIYwhat to wear, awesome hairstyles and poses to try.

You can “follow” other users, similarly to Twitter, where you can see the new things they “pin.” You can follow every single board someone has created, or just specific boards (I steer clear of wedding boards, because I’ve been married for two years. Although Pinterest keeps trying to suggest I follow wedding boards. Go figure.)
If you like something someone else has pinned, you can “repin” it to your board. Confusing? Well, think about it this way:
I start with this photo (click for source):

Louise likes it, so she “repins” it to her inspiration board. From there, her followers can see it and can repin it, but if you go to the specific item, it shows that I’m the original pinner, and how many others have repinned it. So you can kind of follow trends and see what others are really interested in. Plus, if you follow others that have similar likes/dislikes to you, you’ll always have a new flow of inspiration!

I really like it because it’s a very simple way to save my inspiration. I found myself bookmarking photos or blog posts, saving them to my computer and uploading them to my Flickr account, often forgetting their original source! But now, I can just pin them, and Pinterest automatically adds their source! How cool is that?!

You can pretty much pin from anywhere, Flickr, blogs, online shops- anywhere! I haven’t run into an issue of not being able to pin anything yet, which is really cool.

Another pretty awesome feature is that you can view all the items that are from the same source (not necessarily pinned by the same person). For example, I found that someone pinned one of my outfits from December, then viewed the source (my blog address) and found out that more of my outfits had been pinned to other accounts. How cool is that?!

If you want to start your own Pinterest account, sign up to for the waiting list (I hear it goes by pretty fast), or request an invite from someone already using it (be aware that current users only get a specific number of invites, so they may not be able to invite you if they’ve already used theirs up!).

You can also follow the creators on Twitter (they’re really nice!). Let me know if you have any questions, and how you feel about Pinterest. I really like it so far, but then again, I think most people do!


15 thoughts on “What’s all this hype about Pinterest?

  1. I only found out about this awesome site because of your tweets. I signed in few days ago but I’m still waiting for my invite. ~_~ me wants to join too! ^^

  2. I tried to get into tumblr to also have an easy place to save all my favorite pictures, but I think Pinterest’s user interface is much better and I LOVE that you can still tell the original source of the picture!

    • I agree with Sarah! I really wanted Tumblr to work for me, but it wasn’t user friendly for what I wanted to use it for– an inspiration board. I love Pinterest!

      • That’s exactly how I feel about Tumblr! I wanted it for inspiration, but it wasn’t as userfriendly as I’d hoped. I LOVE that pinterest keeps the source on the item. Such a great idea!

  3. I am deeply addicted. I got my best friend hooked and we share shameful stories about all the responsibilities we shirt in order to browse pinterest for hours. Loooove it. Thanks for spreading awareness about this disease 🙂

  4. I actually JUST started using Pinterest! I added myself to the waiting list just a few days ago too, it really was quite fast. Aaand I am already addicted, it’s so cool! It pretty much fits the niche of a tool that does what I wished something did heh.

  5. I tried signing up for an invite a couple weeks ago, and it still hasn’t come through. It sounds like a good tool, but I’m not a fan of the “invitation only” status.

    • I think it’s only that way because it’s technically still in the “Beta” mode, which means they’re still testing it and fixing bugs.

      And it’s not the same “invite only” as Lookbook.nu is, Pinterest doesn’t turn anyone down.

      I’d suggest checking your spam filter to see if it’s come through, because I’ve heard the invites usually turn around in 3-4 days! So a few weeks seems very odd!!

  6. I got my account by “liking” Pinterest on Facebook. Post on the wall that you’d like to join and I promise you that someone will give you a code. It took maybe 5 minutes for me to get my code!

  7. so funny cause sophie and i were just talking about pinterest… we have been pinned a few dozen times and stumbled upon the link in our stats… we were like “what the heck is that?” its super cool looking, i hope its easy too!

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