Vote for my next DIY!

I want you guys to vote on my next DIY! I’ve found a few projects I’m interested in doing, but I want to see if you guys are as interested as I am. Here are my suggestions, but feel free to suggest something else! The one with the most votes will be made, and perhaps used in a future giveaway…


18 thoughts on “Vote for my next DIY!

  1. I voted for the button necklace… ^^ I find it really cute. My second option will be the Ombre dyed dress… ^^ I just thought of the dress I wanted to play with. XD

  2. i voted for the color-blocked dress, mainly because, if you did DIY that one, i think it might actually be at a skill level i could duplicate. the other dresses look too complicated for my abilites, and im just not a button-necklace kinda gal.
    keep those DIYs comin — i love em!

  3. I love the button necklace!!! Burke and I just got a ton of buttons last week at a trade show. She has been wanting a Suze necklace. I think this will be the perfect project for us. I will post pics when its done.

  4. Love the ombre dyed dress idea. It’s such a pretty look and it would be so much fun to experiment with different vibrant colors.

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