The one with the side by side

Jenni and Suze
Jenni and Suze2
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Jenni and Suze3
Jenni and Suze4
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Jenni and I like to pretend we’re twins. Jenni even edited the photos to make us look the same height! (I’m the taller twin). (Yup, stole the side-by-side photos from Jenni. I’m awesome.)

We realized we owned the same shirt, and wanted to show different ways to style it. So I, obviously, paired with my newly dyed purple pants, while Jenni took the shirt-under-dress route and paired it with her Olsenboye dress.

We didn’t discuss what we were going to wear or how we’d style it, and were just as intrigued by the very different outfits, as I’m sure you guys are. Here are two identical shirts and very, very different outfits. How very cool!

Check out Jenni’s blog for some detail shots of her outfit, and let’s all giggle at the photo Jenni edited where she’s checking out my butt. Hil-ar-i-ous.


12 thoughts on “The one with the side by side

  1. hahah! you two are TOO funny – i love it! and i really love that shirt. wish target would come back out with that one… it looks pretty amazing with the lavender pants.

  2. I love how you two have such different interpretations of the same item! Both looks are amazing and inspire me to add more color to my wardrobe. Great post!

  3. Lol, too funny! Both outfit are lovely and very similar in color scheme. Since your both wearing some purple pieces and those lavender pants are making my hear skip a beat. I love anything purple, but could never be bold enough to wear a purple pant. Inspired!! 🙂

  4. You both look amazing! I love seeing that top styled different ways. I could never wear purple and orange together (just because there’s a local college with those colours!) but you styled them together fantastically!

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