The one with the green dye

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If you haven’t figured it out yet, I didn’t really dye my hair green. That was my April Fool’s joke.

Instead of dying my hair, I dyed some white pants. I’ve dyed two pairs of pants so far and have plans to dye some other stuff too. It’s amazing how easy it is and how a little bottle of dye can refresh something in my closet that I haven’t been wearing.

I’ll have a quick and easy DIY up tomorrow detailing how I did it (I used powder for one pair and liquid for the other, so I have good/bad things to talk about for both processes).

Isn’t this necklace amazing? It’s hand-painted and looks like a sugar skull! I love it.

And, for all of you guys out there with warm weather and sunny skies, this is what Michigan looks like in 40 degree weather, two seconds before it starts to rain. Yay.

PS: check me out on Vanessa’s blog, My Heart Blogged. She asked, I answered!


17 thoughts on “The one with the green dye

  1. After you compared your necklace to a sugar skull, I kinda wanted to bite into it. I must not have had enough for lunch today? I’m glad that your hair is still red (not that I had any doubts) and even gladder that the green dye did get used for something! Very cool- did you use a washing machine to the dying in (something that intrigues me now that I have one in my apt)?

  2. My mom used to dye some of her clothes which she finds boring. lol ^^ She uses powder solution then based on what I remember, she just leave the clothing soaked in a warm basin of water with the powder. ^^

    I like this shade of green… it’s nice to look at. Love the skull necklace too. ^^

  3. We could use the rain in South Texas, so I am jealous! I also am jealous over the T strap shoes…I love them! Hopefully it will be warm for you soon and rain on us down here!

  4. Cute outfit and good job with the jeans. I’m in the process of finding a natural way to dye my clothes. I have found so many fruit and vegetable alternatives. 😉

    I’m looking forward to your DIY post.

  5. I’m so glad you’re going to do a DIY tutorial about dying clothing — I’ve been planning to dye two old, sad, faded pairs of pants but I’ve been super nervous about how it might turn out and what brand of dye to use. I’m eagerly looking forward to hearing how you did it!

  6. I found your blog through Vanessa- I was instantly drawn to your patterned tights that look like my Betsey Johnson tattoo tights! I am loving your hair colour and the necklace you are wearing!

  7. I love this! Your entire outfit is really nice, but that sugar skull necklace takes the cake for me. Plus, I think its really fun that you dyed your pants!!! Thats so fun 🙂

  8. I Love that you died these yourself. I have been wanting tog et some Rit dye to dye a few throw rugs for my place. I have a few that were my Mother’s that are white. Terrible for a rug. I might need to try to dye some clothes too though! Could be fun.

  9. omg, I love the green! Great dye job! That necklace is pretty awesome too–so delicate looking…I can’t believe it’s hand painted (and yes, I just used a dash and ellipses in that sentence).

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