My color palette has gone crazy!

Sometimes I get sick of trying to pick what to wear and instead rely on gaining inspiration from my fellow bloggers. I have to get Amy a big ol shout-out for this outfit. We both bought the same necklace in Texas, from Peacock Plume (it’s only $20. Seriously!! It’s GORGEOUS!!).
All I wanted to wear when I woke up was the necklace, but since going to work in only a necklace is frowned upon, I decided to basically copy Amy’s outfit, with a few added “Suze” touches.

Taking the 40-some comments I received about labeling my photos, I’m going to toss in this other option. I originally didn’t want to draw on my own arrows, but it was suggested by some as a hybrid between the three, and would easily identify the items.

I’ve also taken some comments into consideration about making sure the labels are easy to read, because as Sarah pointed out, it can be hard to read words on a non-solid background. I am aware of this, and will make sure the labels will be clear and easy to read in the future.
Option 4
It was also mentioned that it’s OK to take the focus off me and place it on the items in my outfit in the labelled photo. There will be other photos of my outfit in addition to whatever one I label, because while I want to make the labeling #1, easier on my self and #2, easier on those reading my posts, I also want to make sure that there are additional photos that showcase my outfit, not just my amazing photoshopping skillz. Yes, skillz.

I also want to thank you all for being open and honest with me. As I was discussing with Citizen Rosebud and Ashe Mischief, I am the one writing the blog, but you guys are the ones reading it. So even if I think it’s a great idea, I certainly don’t want to upset/annoy/anger you guys by continuing to do something you dislike. I want my blog to be a place of inspiration and fun! So if you ever think I’m losing that, feel free to let me know. As Citizen Rosebud pointed out, this is a democratic decision! 🙂


23 thoughts on “My color palette has gone crazy!

  1. I didn’t weigh in before on the comments question but you know what could be cool? Using that color palette thing you just did and labeling on top of those! 🙂 Just a thought. I really love this mix of colors. It’s unexpected but somehow just right.

    • Oooh- that’s a good idea! So for whatever color the items are I could label on that and say “top:thrifted” etc…
      I’ll give that a shot tomorrow! 🙂 Thanks for the great idea Laurel!

    • I haven’t voted yet, so I think I’m going to throw my vote in for this option too. I really like the color palette with labels idea. And those shoes. Man, I wish Houston had an H and M.

  2. I like the small text, though the arrows are a bit distracting. Are they even needed? I have to admit, I don’t check out your fashion to know where to buy it, but to get awesome inspiration. I like to see how you are changing, trying different things to give the reader what they want.

    And that necklace is KILLER! I want! Only $20? Fantastic!

  3. i second (or third?) the notion of using the color blocks and labeling those. it serves 2 purposes: labeling and showing us the color palette. i dig it.

    oh, and (said in my best Loafy voice): i can haz dis outfit??

  4. If you need to try and mitigate the background, it can be helpful to create a box in a lighter color or a circle then lower the transparency to almost invisible. Then, blur the edges to blend it with the background a little bit. That’s a trick I use in video editing graphics sometimes.

    • Oh yeah, I know a few tricks too 🙂 I agree with what you pointed out though- I want to make sure it’s super easy to read, and I appreciate your tips!!

  5. I like the bands of color on the side, it adds a cool element to the photos and breaks them up a bit. That necklace is incredible by they way and I love how it looks with your polka dot cardigan, I would have never thought of that combo.

  6. THIS NECKLACE IS AWESOME!! I might have to send my daughter who is in Austin over to the store to see if there is one left I can have!! I also love the cardi and your colors are perfect!!

  7. I love that necklace! I have mornings like this ( honestly, most of my mornings are like this), where you really want to wear one thing and hope you can figure out how to show it off. I think you did a fantastic job. I like the labeling this way too. Easy to read and not too distracting. Looks good 🙂

  8. I think your color palette for this outfit is genius! Your necklace is so pretty! I like the new option you posted for labeling your outfits the best!

  9. I really love this outfit. It’s professional enough for the office, but still fun and colorful! That necklace is stunninggg.

  10. You are adorable. I didn’t weigh in on the labeling before either. But, I like what you did here with the labels! Also LOVE that you created and shared the color palette. Fun idea!

  11. I like the drawn-in arrows! And I love all the bright, pretty colors in this outfit. Turquoise and orange is one of my favorite combos, but I wouldn’t have thought to add green. Love it!

  12. I don’t have green shoes (I think I never had one) and after seeing this post, I think I should get one for myself. ^^ And woah, that necklace is sooo pretty!

  13. GIRL, this outfit is amazing! I totally love the mix of colors. So freakin’ awesome. You are an inspiration to this color-fearing dresser.

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