Pointers, arrows and swapped tops


I’m working on some new things, bringing in different content, and finding better ways to mark what I’m wearing on my photos. I have a few ideas, but I’d like to get your input, since you’re the ones reading this. Here’s the same outfit, with three different ways to label my photos. Which one do you like best, and which one do you like least?
The reason I’m editing my labelling is because I feel like if it’s directly on the photo, it takes us less visual space, allowing me to write more/less under the photos, and also allows you to better visualize what pieces came from where, if that makes sense.

So here’s the same photo, marked three different ways.
Outfit 3.19.2011

Which is your favorite and which is your least favorite?
(I realize the text on photo #3 is smaller than intended. If that’s the way I continue to do it in the future, I’ll make it bigger)
If you think I should stick with my current labeling method, please let me know that as well. Just because I think something is a good idea doesn’t mean you’ll agree with me!

As I continue to make my blog a better resource, through outfit posts, DIY/how-to posts and discussion topics, is there anything specific you’d like to see me do? Whether it’s a specific DIY or something else, please feel free to leave me a comment. You can also email me or tweet me if you’d prefer. I usually respond best to tweets, sad as that may seem.


57 thoughts on “Pointers, arrows and swapped tops

  1. So I like the idea of the first picture, but the giant hands distract me from actually seeing your pretty face. Of the second two, I think I like the middle one the most, with the wavy text. It is easier to read and noticeable, but doesn’t distract from you, and you are the focal point of the pictures.

    P.S. I love the colors of this outfit. And as always, you look fantastic.

    • That’s how I feel too. The pointing hand is a good idea, but seeing it is distracting.
      Personally, I kind of prefer the wavy text, but I don’t want to to appear distorted. That’s my only concern, and that’s also why I put it out to a vote!

  2. Hey Suze! I like the 3rd style best…it’s clean and keeps the focus on your awesome outfit while still giving the important details!

  3. Realized I forgot to say what I liked the least…the 1st is my least favorite. That hands are cool but pull the focus away from you.

  4. I like the last one the most. I just make a small line of text under my photo. It is a little smaller than my normal text, and I like how it’s not in the way. I really don’t mind how you already do it though.

    • I’m changing it more for me anyway, because I feel like it’s a better use of the space (the graphic designer in me is coming out now).
      I want to be able to label my pieces without being distracting, and the new labels will fit in better with my new content that I’ll be rolling out in the next few weeks.

  5. First I love the outfit especially the burgundy pants and those shoes. I agree the 1st picture is cool, but the hands are distracting. So I like picture three instead it’s simple and doesn’t take away from your clothes!! šŸ™‚

  6. I think the monopoly hands are amazing…perhaps a little smaller?

    I love your outfit! Those shoes are amazing!

  7. I like the last one best. It’s simple and it did not distract me from your outfit. The first one is my least favorite. Like it was said before, it takes the focus of you.

    I love your outfit. It makes me realize that I really need to get myself a pair of coloured pants šŸ™‚
    Good night!

  8. I think that the first one is AMAZINGGGGG! I love the hands. They do the pointing and make the text easier to read. I know they pull a little focus, but A) they can be a little smaller and B) I think the picture where you show where the stuff is from it’s ok to take the focus away a bit, since there are lots of other great photos. It’s more of an informational photo.

    PS I love the silhouette of this outfit!!!! You look so great!

  9. I like number 3 the best! I think it shows off the outfit the best without being distracting. Speaking of that outfit, AMAZING. Still so sad I missed you while you were in Texas.

  10. I like choice 3 best! does the job without distracting from you! and I see the windswept bangs! very nice! Love the tunic too!

  11. 3, 2, 1 in that order. I like how specific arrows are, but the white ones are too distracting. I thought you were showing us jazz hands šŸ™‚

  12. i like #3 best. The hands are definitely too distracting. But I like the text simple and out of the way like the 3rd one, in fact in both 2 & 3 it’s still a little distracting when it actually overlaps, is there any way to put a little space between you and the words? even if it’s for the necklace, for example, if the words are high and to the right, we’ll know that that’s the necklace, it’s still the closest object.

    and: cuteness!

  13. I like the last labeling idea the best. However, I like the cutout heels THE BEST!
    They’re beautiful and I have been shopping around for the best pair for the price… I NEED SHOE INFO! cheers!

  14. I like the 3rd way the best and the 1st way the least. I agree that the hand are distracting from the outfit. You look fab by the way! I love everything about the outfit especially the sky high shoes! There is no way I could wear those without breaking my neck. I’m very jealous of you heels wearing ability.

  15. I like the text of the first one but the big hands are distracting and kind of cartoony-looking. The wiggly text is also a bit distracting, and I’d like the third one is the text was a smidgen bigger…or maybe I’m just tired and having trouble focusing šŸ™‚

  16. Have to say, I hate the first way with the hands. Like others have said, way too distracting.
    The third option is probably the best, but honestly I don’t like any of that much. Sorry!
    On the other hand, I love your outfit. All of the tones work so well together and those shoes are ace!

  17. like most of the other commenters, i think the hands in #1 are just too much.
    i do, however, think the text size + orientation in #1 is the best of the 3.
    i like the idea that #3 is pointing to the pieces, but i dont really like the text-as-arrow. maybe use the text style from #1 and then just paintshop/hand-draw a line pointing to the item?

  18. I’m definitely a fan of the last style (with bigger text of course). The hands are SUPER distracting, and the wavy text just looks a bit off to me…there’s something a bit weird/distorted about it…

    In any case, I love this outfit! The colors look so good on you!

  19. maybe the hands could be the color of the thing they are pointing to (blue necklace, white shoes, etc) and smaller…

  20. I like the pointy hands the least and the 3rd option the best (with increased font size of course). I think changing the way you label your outfits is an excellent idea.

  21. how weird! I am totally wearing those same pants right now. Nice.

    Personally, I like the third style the best, especially if they were just a tinch bigger. Simple, clean, nice. šŸ™‚

  22. I like the first one, best…except the hands are way too big. Maybe shrink it? Or use a small arrow?

  23. This outfit rocks on you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! I adore it and love the background too!

  24. The hands are cute but I agree with almost everyone – they are distracting. I like the wavy font best. Like someone else said, the wavy words fit you somehow. šŸ™‚

    LOVE this outfit. Goodness, these shoes and pants together look amazing.

  25. I like the third option the best. It gets to the point by having the arrow right on the article that you are labelling… and I like the font the best!

  26. I like #3 and I like the size of the text. It’s simple, to the point and being the size it is, it is not distracting. Besides, my personal take is that most of the clothes are most likely not in stores anymore so where it’s from is not as important to me as the lesson learned about how to put things together. And those shoes ROCK! I would totally kill myself in them but they are the coolest thing I have seen in a while. Oh, and I like those striped shoes too! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Once you bump up the text size, like you said, in #3 then I like that one the best. The one I like the least is the wavy text. It’s too busy and unnecessary. The focus should be you and the outfit, not the words.

    Love your blog, btw! I’m new to it, but I’m hooked!

  28. The problem with trying to do this is that it’s very difficult to get the text to stand out against anything that isn’t a neutral background. I prefer you current style to anyof the three options. If you can figure out a way to create more contast between the text and the background then it might work to use option 3.

  29. I like the last one the most and the hands the least.
    and just when i thought i’d seen every version of those shoes and gotten the idea of wanting of them out of my head, you have to go and find a new version.
    Will. Not. Buy.

  30. Hey Suze,

    My favorite is the 2nd with the wavy text. It’s the most clear and works with the style of your blog. The third one is nice, but the text is too tiny and I’m not a big fan of the arrows. My least favorite is the first. Sounds like the hands are out, then? Love that you’re taking this on! It sure makes it easier to see where everything comes from in one quick glance. I’m inspired to think about it more for myself.


    Lindsay Living

  31. I think the first is a really cute idea, but I actually like the third way better. It’s not as fun as the others, but that means I focus more on the picture, which I like.

    Also, this combined-necklace thing? I LOVE. I am SO about to see if I have the jewelry to steal that . . . thanks!

  32. #3 is my favorite because it’s the least distracting from the outfit. I honestly don’t really like the hands in #1. I might be biased because this is how I do it, but I think I prefer your current method overall.

  33. those SHOES!!! i have been drooling over that EXACT pair for a while now…. you look amazing girl… honestly, i dont care how you tell me what you wear as long as you tell me!


    ps… totally hit the thrift jackpot at a St Vincent the other day… 10 for $10 baby! i made out like a well dressed bandit!

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