Navy and coral

Dress: H&M
Belt: Thrifted, Goodwill
Shoes: Isabel Toledo for Payless
Bag: Borrowed from sister, Spotted Moth
Earrings: Modcloth
Watch: gift, Tikkr (TxScc attendees each received one)

(Photos taken by Sara)

Saturday was day two of TxSCC. In the morning Erin, Elissa, Katy, Kyla and I went shopping in Austin. I had been instructed to get my sister “something cool” because she was the reason I had a plane ticket to get there.

Somehow, we found this really cool shop called Uncommon Ground. My sister and I have a weird joke with this figurine we found at an estate sale. It’s a glass horse pulling a cart, and is big enough to hold sugar packets. We named it Sir Pulls-a-lot (in case you were curious). I ended up finding her two other similar figurines at Uncommon Ground. How cool is that?! Now she has a little army going!

If you notice the bit of lace peeking out from under my dress, I’m wearing one of Erin’s pettipants. It’s like loose nylon shorts that act as a modesty garment under short dresses and skirts. I hadn’t heard of them until Erin pulled one out and showed me how it worked. Genius! I love that bloggers share tips like this with each other!

PS- Happy St. Patrick’s day!


34 thoughts on “Navy and coral

    • I usually steer clear of mini-styles, because of my old job, but since my new job is more open minded (and I saw another girl in a mini dress), I guess I can be more open with my choices!

  1. the pettipants is such a cool idea and i need to get me some!! and how cool that you were able to get some more figurines for your sister too! love hidden finds when shopping. 🙂

    cute & little

  2. Love the dress and adooooore the little peek of lace. Pettipants are godsend, especially for me, since my primary mode of transportation is bicycle.

  3. You look fabulous! Navy is great on you and I must have pettipants now. I am so glad that you got that little suit! I want to see you in it so make sure to post that, I know it will look good with your hair. When my hubs saw out pic he said I looked like I had found a redheaded sister at the swap with the clothes.

    • We do look related!! LOL!! Awesome! I can’t wait to wear the suit- it’s too cute! I’m really excited that I got it, and even more excited that it once belonged to you!

  4. i especially love that in your first photo, there is another gal (i presume another fashion blogger?) posing for a photo behind you. and the circle is complete. 😉

  5. The dress looks great on you. I really like your watch, that’s an awesome goodie from the conference. The horse figurines remind of my step-mother. She loves horses, and doesn’t have time to have one. But, she has tons of horse figurines. I hope your sister loved them!

  6. The conference looks like it was so much fun! I’ve been searching through the photos 🙂 Your outfit is adorable, those shoes are so cute, I love the ankle strap. I just saw a Payless ad on TV the other night and now I’m anxious to go see all of the new styles.

  7. I’m soooooo jealous of everyone meeting everyone at the TxSCC!!! It looks like it was so much fun! And everyone, including YOU, looked so absolutely fantabulous. Love the belt that adds some of your ginger spice! And the pettipants were a perfect addition! Woo!

  8. pettipants sound so cute! I never heard of them. I’m big into slips and petticoats so I must check that out. you look amazing. Love your hair!

  9. I can’t believe those shoes are from Payless…BEAUTIFUL!! The dress is just the icing on the cake and you should check out the company that sells just slips. They have the prettiest bottoms with lace, feathers and sequins.

  10. I love the bit of lace peeking out under the dress, and the combination of navy and coral looks so pretty! I hope you had a great time in TX!

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