First day in Austin and swap time!

Swap from Punky
Dress: New-to-me!
Shoes: Forever 21
Harness: Borrowed from Erin

Swap from Punky
Finally met Rach in person!!

Friday was the day I drove into Austin with Elissa and Erin. They took me for tex-mex (yummy) and we made it to Austin for the clothing swap.

My dress was procured pre-swap from Erin. Isn’t it cute?!

This was my first swap, and I have to say, the Swapaholics do a wonderful job! Elissa and I volunteered to help sort the clothing, and Erin manned the check-in table.
Swap from Punky
Collecting items from Jentine and Kendi

Swap from Punky
Elissa, Rach, me and Kyla sorting

Swap from Punky
Jen, Indiana, Punky, me, Amy and Kelsey

Photos all from Punky and Adam.


17 thoughts on “First day in Austin and swap time!

  1. Looks like a blast!! I am so bummed that most of my favorite bloggers were in my state the weekend I flew to Virginia! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through these posts 🙂

  2. so i was just browsing through the photobooth pics and you look A.MAY.ZING in that orange dress. with the purple bracelet? so beautiful!!!

  3. Suze – Aren’t the swapaholics the best? We’re so lucky to have them home-based in Boston! Did you manage to score some amazing finds at the swap? Were you overwhelmed by it all? My first time was totally a shock to the system. But now I feel like a veteran. LOL. – Katy
    PS Love the dress!!

  4. You girls look like you are having so much fun! The dress Erin loaned is really cute…I went to Buffalo Exchange for my first time today in SA….Erin works at the one in Austin…the store is amazing! Excellent choices and great prices…in fact I expected higher prices. If you can’t swap…go thrift!

  5. I LOVE your dress! And after reading this am officially way more jealous that I didn’t get to go. I already knew this one but… gosh you’re pretty lady 🙂

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