Hair feather review and giveaway!

I’ve been really intrigued by all these hair feather extensions I’ve been seeing, so when Anika Burke offered me the chance to review one of theirs, I agreed in a heartbeat.
How cute is their packaging?! I love the ribbon detail!

The kit comes with simple instructions and everything you need (minus pliers!) to put the feather in.

I choose the option with teal, purple and white, knowing it would show up in my hair.

It was super simple to put it. I didn’t even need a friend to help, like the instructions suggest.
The kit comes with the feather, a threader and two clasps.
You take a tiny ( I mean TINY) amount of hair and use the threaded to pull it through the clasp, then you stick in the feather piece and use the pliers to close the clasp. The extension can stay in for about four weeks, and you can shampoo and style your hair like normal.
I did NOT leave it in my hair because of Loafy. She’s already eaten a dress and having feathers that close to my face only invites trouble!

Alright, now that I’ve reviewed it (awesome!), it’s your turn to win one! Go here and choose which color you like best (I believe there are nine options), then come back here and leave me a comment with which option you like best and why.

For an extra entry, like Ankia Burke on facebook (you’ll be notified of their daily steals first!), and leave a separate comment.

Giveaway ends Friday, March 11 at midnight EST (eastern standard time). US only (sorry international readers!)
Good luck!


45 thoughts on “Hair feather review and giveaway!

  1. I love feather #4! I think it would work best at work without drawing too much attention (too new and fashion forward is thought of weird generally, sadly) but it would still be a cute addition!

  2. I like Feather No 2 because I still have to be able to get away with the look at work and without that many stares at school (university students can be annoyingly stodgy when it comes to fashion!). Also, it’s one of the two shorter ones, and my hair is only shoulder length, I wonder if you can cut the others down?

  3. Oh, and I liked Anika Burke on Facebook. This is just going to give me yet another reason to lurk FB instead of actually doing homework…great!

  4. I LOVE #8. I love the different styles of feathers as well as the bright colors. I have had feathers in my hair before and recently took them out. I can’t wait to get more! I Like bright colors because I love the feathers to stand out.
    They looked great in your hair, and I love your blog. Keep up the good work.

  5. So Burke just saw this post and was so excited because she saw here name on our card! She looked at the card and said in her very big girl voice “Anika Burke Eclectic Boutique, that’s us!” I have to love my little 4 year old assistant.

    Suze you sure no how to make a girl happy! By the way did you like the green flower necklace we sent you? Burke picked that one out a couple weeks ago when we met with the vendor. She now looks for “Suze” necklaces!

    Have A Great Day,
    Neeka B.

  6. I lovveeee Feather #8. These seem like a fun way to make my hair look interesting but still be mostly work appropriate. I feel uncomfortable with my hair as plain as it currently is (it’s long and brown…) and I miss doing chunky colors and crazier cuts. The upside is that I’m happy to be employed, so whatever.

  7. I would want option #7, it would look bright against my blond hair and be very fun! I love feathers and my nickname is bird. I’ve been wanting some feather hair extensions but I’m broke. I would have picked your option but I didn’t see it!

  8. I love no.4, I think the red would look great in my blonde hair!

    These are so cool! I think I might be hooked..

  9. I love #6. I have dark hair, and I think the reddish pink would look great! I can’t do anything too crazy with my hair because of my job and I think that the feather extensions would give me the flair I’m looking for but won’t be too over the top. Please pick me!!!!

  10. Feather No. 6 – then I can wear it to work on all of our Breast Cancer Awareness “pink” days! Plus, I want to look like Steven Tyler on American Idol. 🙂

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  12. I love feather #4. The color reminds me of autumn and caramel apples. The colors would also fit my personality.

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