Preview! Wedding photoshoot with K-Star Photography

A few weekends ago, I had the chance to model for a wedding-style photo shoot with the talented Kiersta from K-StarPhotography in Royal Oak. I really want to share these photos, because they’re just amazing! So here’s a sneak peek!


I wore my own wedding dress, did my hair and make up (I’ve got a secret about the hair, but we’ll discuss that in a how-post later on), styled the shoot with my own shoes, jewelry, vintage coat and faux-fur vest. Kiersta brought the Coke, straw, gloves and paper umbrella. My mom got the flowers and we taped the crap outta them to make a bouquet.


The very same day we took these photos was the day it started snowing and I got snowed into my apartment. We ended up finding a movie theatre to take some of the photos in, then ventured out into the snow for some other photos.


It was an amazing time! As long as you guys are up for it, I’d like to share the photos with you over the next week or so. How’s that sound? 🙂


34 thoughts on “Preview! Wedding photoshoot with K-Star Photography

  1. Would love to see them! a) because these are gorgeous photos and b) I’m obviously a little wedding obsessed at the moment 😉

  2. GORGEOUS!!! can’t wait to see more!

    p.s. my husband liked his squirrel tshirt so much that he actually took it to work because he knew they would ::die:: laughing too…thanks again for the fun giveaway!

  3. What an awesome opportunity! I love the black and white photo! Looking forward to seeing the rest of them!

  4. you look amazing in these shots. I love it all!! your wedding dress is really pretty and that’s cool you got to wear it more than just for your wedding!!

  5. SUZE! You are absolutely stunning. Can’t wait to hear about how that hair happened. (Alliteration, much?) LOVE your dress, and your lips and everything… Gorgeous!

  6. OMG this looks like it was so much fun- very creative. And Suze- your wedding dress is STUNNING on you- you must have looked like a dream on your wedding day! Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos.

  7. Oooooo your dress is so pretty!! I want to see what color your long gloves are, and your hair to totally to die for. I want to get married!!

  8. LOVE the b&w photo with all the mirrors. I cannot wait to see the rest of the set.

    random: whoever decided to paint that wall purple is a GENIUS!

  9. When you posted the pics the other day, I feel like I want to get married. HAHAHA! I love the photos and you look super stunning! I should learn about what you did with your hair! ^^

    There are more awesome photos on your Flickr which I really like! ^^ You should post the link here to so everyone would see. ^^

  10. Suze was a fabulous model! We had such a blast on this photo shoot 🙂 Can’t wait for you guys to see more of our creative ideas we’ve put together!! Coming soon….

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