Aaaannnd outside we go!

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Skirt: Anthropologie
Top, shoes: Urban Outfitters
Vest: Banana Republic
Scarf: Tulle
Jacket: Tucker for Target
Tights: Target

Wow. Finally home in enough time to take photos outdoors again! I love spring. It’s finally lighter outside when I get out of work, and the snow is (sorta of) beginning to melt!

Joe and I went to see “I am Number 4” today, and it was decent. I wouldn’t go see it again, but I do want to see the sequel(s). It’s like a mix between Harry Potter, Alien and Twilight. Have you been to the movies/seen a movie lately? Which one, and was it any good? I’m always in the mood for a good movie.

If you head over to Everybody, Everywhere today, you’ll see a DIY I did for polka dotted shoes. It’s quick, easy and cheap.


13 thoughts on “Aaaannnd outside we go!

  1. Yay for light after work! I won’t get that until after DST kicks in.
    I wanted to go see i am number 4, but my friend bailed on me and then my sister saw it without me, and I just won’t go to the theater alone.

  2. funkadelic outfit.. love the pattern on the skirt!! your hair is getting long that you can pull back the bangs.. looking hot sista!! xoxo J

  3. I absolutely adore that skirt!! It is gorgeous!

    With a baby and toddler running around, we rarely get to actually go see a movie! =/ I’ve got to say the last good movie I saw was Life as We Know It. It was funny most of the time, sad at times and had great eye candy. 😉

  4. Yay for natural light! As for movies, I think I over did with the Oscar watch on Saturday. Although even though it was hard to sit there for 12 hours all of the movies (Winter’s Bone, Black Swan, Inception, Social Network and the King’s Speech) were phenomenal.

  5. LOOOOVE that skirt, Suze. Love it so much MORE with the coat and scarf. It’s a gorgeous combo!
    I can’t believe you’re talking “Spring” with snow on the ground, still! We hardly got a flake of snow, here. Boo.

  6. Such a cute pattern on your skirt, I love it. I haven’t seen a movie on so long, but I’m kind of excited to see Rango, it looks entertaining.

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