Plain and simple

21 of 30

Top, scarf: Tulle
Pants: Kenneth Cole
Shoes: Forever 21
Hair feather: c/o Anika Burke

Today’s outfit was all about comfort. I’m really enjoying the freedom I have with my sartorial choices at my new job. I walked in yesterday in lilac tights and today I wore this super awesome hair feather. Oddly enough, no one said anything. 🙂 I plan to do a review of the heather feather shortly, because it comes with instructions of how to add it. And, awesome news, Anika Burke said they will give one away when I post my review! Yay!!

I’m thinking I’ll retake the photos of the three outfits I missed, because they were really nice and I want to share them. In other news, I accidentally labeled two different outfits as #18, so this is officially #21. Just so you know, sometimes I can count and sometimes I (obviously) can’t!


15 thoughts on “Plain and simple

  1. Not only is the outfit cute-a-licious, but the cat + cat toy, (milk cap band!), in the photo pulled at my heartstrings and made me so happy:) Glad to hear you get to have more freedom with your fashion choices in your new job.

  2. I love the feathers! I got one in my hair a couple weeks ago and love it. Strangely, I think I ended up with the same colors your chose!

  3. I am in love with that top and the scarf is really sweet too! I think you should try this top with the jeans that you wore in the Florals and post. It would even look great with one of your cute blazers.

    Keep up the amazing work,
    Neeka B.

  4. When I first looked at your pictures I thought you had a hair wrap in your hair. A feather is a much cuter choice, and I clearly need more caffeine.

  5. The hair feather is super cute and totally digging the scarf! It’s awesome when you can look good and be comfortable too!

  6. i am in love with that scarf of yours. and i’ve been curious about those feather attachments. can’t wait to see your review!

  7. I think this is the first time I have ever seen a hair feather on someone and actually thought it was cute! I love how you incorporated it into your look, and that top is adorable. Me wants it 🙂

    • Louise, I hope you win too! I was just reading your blog and you are amazing!!! I love The Hand in the Cookie-Jar post. I feel like you let me into your heart a bit. Thanks

  8. Love the heather feather. Maybe if I add that it will cool my need to put the funky red streak back in my hair. Looking forward to the review. – Katy

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