I’m behind by three days and fighting my cat!

19 of 30
Top: Target
Necklace, netted tights: Forever 21
Skirt: Jcrew
Purple tights: c/o We Love Colors
Shoes: Go Jane
Belt: Modcloth

I am behind by three days on photos, meaning I wore the outfits and either didn’t take photos or haven’t loaded them. Woo hoo.So, therefore, you guys will either miss three days, or I can go back, take the photos and post them all on the same day. Choose wisely πŸ™‚

I also cannot believe I’ll be in Texas in a little over a week! Get ready ladies, we’re going to have so much fun!

(Short on words, long on style. Or something.)


19 thoughts on “I’m behind by three days and fighting my cat!

  1. Is that the Texas meet up that I saw on FBFF a while ago? If so time really has flown!

    It’s uncanny how similar looking our cats are. Every time I take a photo of ANYTHING he has to get in the act, he’s such a ham. I think he wants his own blog.

    Would you actually put on the outfits you wore and re-shoot? I’m impressed. ; ) x

  2. i love that in the second photo, your belt looks all electromacized. (yes, totally real word. i was an english major, and i approve this word.) are you sending electro-sharp rays of love to loafy? or is he zapping you with his kitty powers?

  3. Dress the cat in the outfits you didn’t photograph, and the take pictures. Kidding, of course, but it is fun to see all 30 looks.

  4. I say, just forget the past 3 outfits. I have learned over the last 6 months, when I try to play catchup I just get more and more behind! I wish Burkie was here to see your awesome necklace! I will have to read her the post tonight.

    From one fashionista to another,
    Neeka B. of Anika Burke Eclectic Boutique

    P.S. Have FUN in Texas rocking some Michigan style, with a a touch of California’s Earthy Glam (your new feather)

  5. I’m a bit behind too due to 3 days of not photographing. I’m thinking I may need to go back and rewear them and do a large post.

    I love how your kitty is in these photos, although I hope he/she wasn’t attacking you, Suze! πŸ˜‰

  6. I missed your blog on my little break, but I’m happy to be back. I get to see another great color combo with mint green and burgundy! The shoes and necklace I envy, Love your blog and outfit!!

  7. OMG, the third photo made me laugh out loud. So cute! Such a cute look… love the tights, belt, jewelery, clothes – all of it! And the fact that you are wearing something sleeveless make me yearn for Spring… I want warm weather!!!

  8. You should wear sleeveless tops more cause they look good on you. ^^ I wish the snow would disappear though to make that possible. T~T

    LOL at Ruckus. XD I hope you weren’t scratched or something though…

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