red rover, red rover…

15 of 30 2-17-11

Top, jacket: H&M
Shoes: Target
Scarf: Gift
Cords: Calvin Klein

This is the shirt I picked to take place of my long-lost black pants. I swear, I must have a laundry fairy that likes to eat my clothes because I can never find what I’m looking for. That, or I’m just really bad at remembering where I put my clothes. I’m leaning toward the fairy.

I haven’t looked at my blog reader in days, and I’m almost afraid to. I don’t want to read any posts if I can’t comment on them, so I’m saving them up for this weekend. It’s going to be such a fun weekend! Do you guys have plans for the weekend? What are you doing?


20 thoughts on “red rover, red rover…

  1. Cute outfit! I really love your scarf. It’s such a great color. My plans for this weekend are to sleep, sleep, and more sleep. It will be my first weekend off of work in about two 1/2 weeks! I can’t wait!

  2. I hate when I get behind on reading all the blogs I follow, it stresses me out! I like this nautical inspired look and that red scarf is the perfect touch. No plans for the weekend and I couldn’t be more happy about that, finally a chance to chill out!

  3. I don’t have any specific plans for the weekend, but boyfriend and I will have some kind of date night. I love the red and navy combo today!

  4. Your blazer is really cute! Love it with the red scarf and striped top. As far as this weekend goes…not sure. Probably church, taking the dog to the dog park, out to dinner with my husband, maybe accompanying my kids to the playground. The usual stuff. And catching up on my favorite blogs too!

  5. Awww your kitty makes such a cute extra! 🙂 Love the red scarf with the blazer! Very cute!

    My weekend actually includes some fun stuff for a change! I get to go to a brunch on Sunday so I’m pretty psyched about it!

  6. I love your nautical look today! We have a super busy weekend ahead of us that includes kids’ birthday parties, adult birthday parties and an afternoon of lounging on the beach with an old college roommate! Fun stuff! Enjoy your relaxing weekend!

  7. Perfect replacement! Love this top and the scarf paired with the jacket.

    I have a four day weekend and cannot WAIT to relax! I haven’t looked at my reader or bloglovin in probably over a week sooooo… I will be spending my time doing some delightful reading as well. 🙂

  8. This weekend we are going to Ren Fest here in AZ. We dress-up and have a great time. We used to go every weekend in feb and march and always in costume but it is getting too expensive. It costs $22 per just to get in.

    I LOVE the cat, but then I am a cat lover!

  9. I am going to pick up my baby; well he is almost 8! Wesley has been with my mom for almost a week, and I am driving up to get him this weekend. I miss him so much. I love this outfit. The tops would also look good with the trousers you wore yesterday.

  10. I am in the same boat with my google reader. I’ve been good just to keep it under 200… and it’s making me crazy! I love that striped shirt with the red scarf!

    I (for once) have weekend plans. I friend of mine is coming up and we’re going to go to dinner. It should be a good time. Especially if I can con him into going to the french market and eating crepes!

  11. OMG! I want that fat cat over there! Sooo cute!

    I like this outfit because it’s simple. I like the red scarf on red stripes. ^^

    Plans for the weekend? Some of my college friends wants to go out of town and try ziplining. 🙂 Not sure though if that will push through.

  12. I love the outfit, very classic. I’m the same way I don’t like to read the blog unless I can comment. For this weekend my boyfriend is most likely starting a new job. I am going to be bored. But, it’s okay. I’m really really excited.
    My Heart Blogged

  13. Okay Suze! You just made me feel better about replacing one of my 30 items. One of the dresses I picked is too big (I lost weight, which I’m not complaining about). I haven’t worn the dress in a year. I should have tried it on before I picked it. Anyway, I’ve been debating about wheter or not it would be fair to swap it out. I think I’m gonna go for it!

    Anyway, you look great! I love the elbow patches on your blazer. Such a classy touch.

    Have a great weekend! I am gonna be attending a fashion show charity event with a fellow blogger. Should be tons of fun!

  14. It’s so easy to get behind on reading blogs! We have a fairly relaxed weekend ahead of us, but we’re starting a couples/family blog as well so we need to work on that!

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