What did Katy wear?

Dear Katy of Modly Chic and I have swapped posts for the day πŸ™‚ Check out her blog for my post!

Hello lovelies! I’m certainly not the colorful Suze, but I’m making an attempt to be a little more colorful in my choices during this 30 for 30 Challenge and so we are switching blogs today. This colored concoction is a little toned down from an earlier similar outfit with the help of this off-white jacket. I was trying to find a way to wear this funky skirt and bright marigold top in more work-appropriate way.

As I was walking around in this outfit, someone mentioned that I looked ready for the summer. Since I was in a long-sleeved shirt, jacket, boots and a skirt that is made out of corduroy pieces the comment took be back… What? Summer? But I realized one of my aversions to color has to do with the idea that color IS something only for the spring and summer months. But that just isn’t true, as Suze demonstrates so well. So, here’s to more color in the winter months!

This is outfit 11 of 30 for the Challenge.


7 thoughts on “What did Katy wear?

  1. I am loving this outfit with the jacket; It tones down the marigold tee just a bit! Have you thought of adding some marigold tights/ leggings? I don’t think they would be to overwhelming because you are only showing a couple of inches of skin.

  2. I would think fall because of the mustard yellow top and burnt orange in the skirt. I love the color scheme and how great it flows together. The accessories are beautiful!!

  3. I love her jacket and her ring! πŸ™‚ I also like her hair but I don’t have enough guts to tell my hair stylist to cut my hair that short. T_T

    I also like the background… stairs and snow ftw! ^^

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