How to organize your tights

I’ve been asked a few times how I store my tights, where I get them and how to take care of them. So I’ve decided it’s time to do a how-to post all about tights!

I keep my tights in a plastic storage drawer from Target.
How to organize your tights12

Sadly, the drawer usually looks like this:
How to organize your tights11

I know. “Way to go, Suze! Awesome organizational skills.” Whatever. At least I can show you how I TRY to keep them.
I’d like them to be organized more like this (AKA- this is my ideal when organizing this drawer):
How to organize your tights9

See? Much easier to find what I want. I try to keep them organized by colored/neutral (black/white) and printed/textured. I tend to keep them rolled or folded, then shoved sideways next to one another.

I have a slightly unusual process for keeping them free of rips/tears/runs.
My tights are the very last thing I put on (minus shoes) before I leave for the day. And immediately after I take my photos, they come off. I do not sit around my apartment in my tights. I treat them like they will break if I leave them on too long. I probably sound crazy, but it works! Also, if you’re willing/able to purchase nicer tights, they tend to last longer (but we’ll discuss that in a little bit).

I hand-wash my tights in my bathtub.
Sorry, no photos of this, but this is how I do it. My tights do not EVER go into the washing machine. I wear them at least twice before I wash them, sometimes three times, but who’s counting? When I wash them, I use lukewarm water and gentle detergent, like Woolite. To dry them, I lay them on a clean towel (after wringing out as much water as possible). I never, NEVER hang my tights. I feel like it stretches them out, and I prefer to keep the fibers as intact as I can.

I have an array of brands in my drawer:
How to organize your tights9

The majority of my tights are from We Love Colors, Target or Marshalls (Hue, DKNY, Anne Klein, Betsey Johnson, etc).
Tights from Target cost $5-10, depending on the style. Tights from Marshalls cost about the same, maybe a little more. Tights from We Love Colors are about $13, and tights from Forever 21 are about $5-8.

If you pay a little more, they will [probably] last longer.
I own tights that cost as little as $2.50 and as much as $25, so I’m pretty sure I’m [nearly] an expert. If you’re willing to pay a little more, they’re better made and will last longer. Target tights might look nice and provide that pop of color you’re looking for, but I find that they aren’t constructed as well as other brands. That being said, I also think my American Apparel tights (they cost $25 – free with a Groupon) are VERY fragile. I would NEVER have purchased them if I didn’t have a Groupon.

My favorites are DKNY and We Love Colors. I only own two pairs of DKNY tights, but I find them to be thick enough to keep me warm, and they don’t stretch out like Forever 21 tights do. We Love Colors are an obvious love of mine (since you can tell I own so many!). They’re fun colors and also thick enough to keep me warm on a cold day. I have only ruined ONE pair of We Love Colors tights, but that is because my cat decided to attack them…

There are many ways to organize your tights.
Kendi shows how she uses an Ikea drawer organizer for her tights. Linley did a DIY using toilet paper tubes and pretty paper to help your drawer stay very organized!
These options work really well for Kendi and Linley, but as you can tell from the photos above, I need lots of room for my tights! You really need to find a system that works for you, your collection and your dressing habits.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask below! (I’ll save you guys from asking the most important, no, I have no idea how much I’ve spent on tights over the years and I’m really nervous about adding it all up. I’m OK with not knowing!)


16 thoughts on “How to organize your tights

  1. Looks a lot like my box of tights 🙂 Mine are mostly Pamela Mann, supermarket brands and now some We Love Colors – which I am itching to get some more of.

    I handwash and drip dry mine. They last a lot longer since I stopped putting them in the wash and running around without shoes or socks on.

    I’d love to divide mine by colour some time. Like a big box of colouring pens 😀

  2. Love this!! Such an honest post…lol, if someone’s tights drawer doesn’t look like this, i hate them! Do you have any fleece lined tights? I have fleece lined leggings from anthro, but I really wish for them to be in tights. Thanks!

  3. I love it! That’s when type A tendencies come in handy. I recently did the same thing in my drawer. The only thing I haven’t figured out that since it’s often not light enough in the morning, I can’t tell one black patterned tight from the other because I have so many. I wonder if there’s an even better way to identify them on the fly? This sounds wacky but I just might try it: Photocopy the pattern, cut it into a 4″x4″ square, put them both in a sandwich bag. If I do this, I’m going to give myself a gold star!

    It would TOTALLY work, though! I’d have to do this after hours. My co-workers already think I’m quirky!!

  4. Tights are so great! I have piles, but have definitely been encountering problems with organization. My biggest problem, though, is that I apparently have Toes of Steel – the last pair of We Love Colors tights I bought got a hole in the toe after only about 3 hours of wear. So disappointing. I’ve had this happen to other tights too, so clearly it’s just me.

  5. my goodness, girl! i just came across your blog and looked around a bit. you do an amazing job of being colorful every day. maybe if i keep following you, so of that will rub off on me!

  6. Wow, you are so organised. I have about 4 pairs of tights, all of which head into the washing machine, and if i’m lucky I remember to remove before they head to the tumble dryer. They dry in the airing cupboard then head to a heap in my wardrobe. I get the idea where I am going wrong. How I would LOVE to own your tights collection! I would probably look after them so much better if I did. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts and advice 🙂

  7. i used to keep my tights in a container like that, but it was always getting disorganized and i ended up dumping it out everytime i wanted something.
    now i keep them on hangers – one hanger for colors, one for neturals, one for lace/fishnets. it eats a good portion of my closet space (the blazers are furious) but now i can actually see everything and keep it organized.

    i used to be a strict hand wash only gal, but now i just put them in the mesh bags (to keep them from tangling) and stick them in the washer – it has a hand wash setting, so why not?

    • I wanted to try hangers, but I have such a fear of getting pulls in them because I use plastic hangers. In my mind, I feel safer with the storage container. usually it’s a mess, but I can find what I need

  8. i have heard of special washing detergents that are intended for stockings — they are gentler on them, and i think they are actually intended to make them stronger too. i wonder if any of the lovely ladies out there in blog-land have used them and what their thoughts are…

  9. I’m the worst at organizing. Actually I’m a great organizer, I just suck at keeping things organized. After the first use, my drawers always look like the before picture of your tights drawer. It’s terrible, but in the end, I always know exactly where my things are so, I guess it works for me.

  10. Oooooh, all those beautiful We Love Color tights!! I’m jealous right now! It’s good to see a simple way to organize your tights because DIY would take time.

    ps. Kohl’s carries Vera Wang and Apt 9. so far those tights have worked for me. You should check them out! 🙂

  11. Practical and inspirational. I have a bin that I throw them in, pretty random. I am now going to ball them up like a good kid. Apply the WWSD to my tights and leggings world. Maybe get less holes.

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