See the outfit that made Erin swoon.

Dress: Thrifted, Thakoon for Target
Jacket: Banana Republic
Necklace, belt: Modcloth
Tight: Olive green, c/o We Love Colors, Spruce green I bought, We Love Colors
Kimchi Blue

Day two of our paper doll project! I really like this. Anyone else want to tell me what to wear? I like not having to think about it πŸ™‚
I don’t know if thisΒ really made Erin swoon, but when she instructed me to wear my green tights with this dress she said *swoon.* So that means she really did, right?Β I also wanted to pay homage to her hair, because she always looks so effortless, and my hair is always a struggle to deal with. For once, it cooperated. Yay!

Check out what I told Liz to wear and what Liz told Erin to wear.

It was about 8 degrees when I got ready for work, which is why I’m wearing two pairs of tights. You can’t really see them, but they’re not the same color. I took a photo to demonstrate.

I’m actually pleased that you couldn’t see the spruce green through the olive green. That means I have on some THICK tights, right? Right.

And I now own an iPhone. My friend upgraded to a 4G and kindly let me buy his 3G. It’s awesome! I can now play Angry Birds on my OWN phone, instead of waiting for Cher to come into town or for the next time I’ll see Emily or Craig. Are there any apps you suggest I download?

PS- I redid my blog layout. I’ve had a few people tell me it’s loading slowly, so I’m fixing that, but please let me know if you see anything else wrong with it. πŸ™‚


40 thoughts on “See the outfit that made Erin swoon.

  1. Layered tights – genius! I also swoon over the green tights with this dress. Color is such a great way to beat the winter doldrums.

    Congrats on the new phone! I would def download Pandora, Soundhound (lets you identify songs on the radio, etc. if you don’t know who they’re by or their title,) and Cut The Rope, an addictive game up there with Angry Birds.

  2. What a super cute outfit and a great find on the dress! Two pairs of tights is pretty smart. Wish I would have thought of that when I was living in a colder climate last year. Great work, m’lady.

    • Thank you! I have NEVER layer tights before. I’m serious. Never for warmth. I can’t believe it either. It’s kept me so warm!!

  3. I layed my tights today too! I thought it would help when going outside for outfit pictures this morning. BOY was I wrong! Erin picked a lovely little outfit for you – very Erinish {I think}.

  4. I’ve been wanting to try two tights at a time! But I’ve been too scared that the different color will show through. Glad to see it works! πŸ™‚

    • I think it just depends how thick the tights are. I would assume Target tights wouldn’t layer well, because they’re not as thick, but Old Navy tights are pretty thick and might work!

    • I wish I have BRIGHT green or emerald tights. I think they would’ve looks way better than the olive, but for whatever reason, I don’t own any that color!

  5. i swooned! that dress is amazing! and i love it with the green tights and black heels. so gorgeous! Oh angry birds… i have it on my droid and sometimes i lay in bed at night and play it until I’m like oh crap I should go to bed… so addictive!

  6. Ah! love the green tights with this dress. Lovely! And I’m jealous…I may join the modern world this year with a smart phone, but we’ll see. I’m so used to having a cheeeeap phone.

  7. What a cute outfit! Love the color of those tights.

    Congrats on getting an iPhone! Have you downloaded “Geared” yet? It’s pretty cool πŸ™‚

  8. Loving the layout! The Banner is soo cool! I’m really trying to do something with mine but having an awful time with it!

    But anywho, I really like the green tights with that dress! I’m telling, you, you really know how to pull off those colored tights!

  9. I love the outfit and layering of the tights is great!!! I like thick tights and prefer them to anything else. I have had a hard time trying to find heavy ones that fit me (I am large, but then don’t we all think that way, trouble is I am). I used to wear 3-4 pairs just to get opaque coverage till I found We Love Colors, but I have never tried layering different colors. That is like really cool that you can have a dark color under and it doesn’t show through. Keep up the GREAT work!!! I love your stuff!

  10. Firstly, I will say it is so freaking cold. I am wearing a blanket every where but double tights are probably smarter.
    This dress is right pretty and I love the idea of letting someone else dress you from afar. That takes trust.

  11. are you still going to the blogger meetup tomorrow night? i saw you on the list and was wondering if you wanted to meet up beforehand and attempt to take outfit photos. let me know, it would great to meet you!

  12. I’m still envious of your flair to wear color. The new banner/layout looks fantastic and i have not problems loading. It actually loads faster than before on my computer.

  13. I love this on you, and it still seems very you even though someone else picked it. This sounds weird but was wearing two pair of tights uncomfortable? I can’t explain it but after wearing tights all day all I want to do is run in the house, and take them off the second I’m home.
    My Heart Blogged

  14. You girls are so funny! I love that Erin layered in. I almost always layer in, layering out makes me fill a little chubby. The double tights amazing, not that I need to wear two pair of tights in sunny California! I hope you do the paper doll project again. You look amazing and I think your hair always looks great.

  15. I think the green tights worked well for the dress. πŸ™‚ I love this dress. It’s a good outfit to wear on a date. Heehee! ^^ And oh, I love that necklace!

    I’m playing Angry Birds (on Android though) and is totally addicted! XD Try downloading Fruit Ninja too. It’s an addicting game as well. And try downloading Pose too. It will be a great app for every fashionista. πŸ˜‰

  16. Oh, I love it! It’s so fun and colorful. I never used to like green when I was younger, but in more recent years, I’ve found myself gravitating toward it more and more.

  17. I love that necklace. It looks so cute on you and those shoes are adorable and perfect with the outfit.

  18. The layering trick is cool, I may have to use that before the weather gets better. The print on this dress is so pretty and you look wonderful as usual!! πŸ™‚

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