My [lack of a] snow day

2.3.11 3 of 30
Dress: Thrifted, Thakoon for Target
Tights: c/o We Love Colors, navy
Earrings: Gift from Rich
Shoes: Forever 21
Cardigan: Gift from Emily, Old Navy
Belt: Modcloth

Welcome to Michigan where the weathermen over estimate the severity of storms 85% of the time. It was estimated that we’d get at least a foot of snow, but that didn’t happen. We got maybe six inches of snow, which was plowed by 10 am. So thanks Michigan weathermen for my work-from-home day. Thankfully though, it wasn’t icy here, like Erin says it is by her. And Cher’s been sending me photos all day of the snow-covered mound her car is hiding in. So I am grateful for my measly amount of snow, compared to everyone else’s!

Anyway, since today was a work-from-home day, I decided to be more comfortable. I could’ve spent all day in my PJs, but I knew if I did that, I’d sleep on the couch all day, so I forced myself to go about my usual routine and get work done. This is outfit #8 of my 10 colors challenge with We Love Colors, and I have to say, I think I’ve saved some really good colors for the end!

The fun part of the day was bringing snow inside for Loafy and Ruckus to play with. I’ve done it a few times before, because they love to play in it, but it’s usually too cold for them to go outside. So instead, they get to play in the tub with snow.

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PS: Jentine, I’ve got bacon sandwiches cookin’. C’mon over!! 🙂


41 thoughts on “My [lack of a] snow day

  1. AHHHH! Kitties in the snow! OMG OMG THAT’S SO CUTE.

    If I did that for Lottie, she’d look at me with huge eyes like, “WTF ARE YOU SATANNNNN?”

    You also look super cute– I love that you made yourself get dressed to work from home… more of us could stand to do that!

    • At one point last year, I took Loafy outside for a walk in the snow, on her leash. She was OK for a little while, then got REALLY cold, and I had to carry her under my coat. That’s when I stopped taking them outside!!

      I knew if I didn’t, I wouldn’t do anything!

  2. Awww the kitties are too cute playing in the snow! I am a fan of that cardigan and the navy tights are nice. Though I don’t wear tights (its too hot in Florida for them!) I would rock that color for sure!

  3. you are totally right about the storm.. total let down. BUT my hubby and oldest daughter got 2 snowdays out of it!!! yep, 2! he teaches in New Boston and they have a lot of dirt roads so the buses couldn’t handle it… its funny how some people freaked and like ran to the store to stock up…


  4. Loving your 3 of 30 outfit, those shoes are fantastic …I think I may have a slight crush on them. 😉 And how cute that you bring the snow indoors for your kitty cats (aaw) they look so happy playing the snow. LOVE it! xx veronika

  5. OK. I’m not even a cat person. I love a LOL Cat as much as the next person (OK, probably more) but cats in general…I prefer dogs.

    But that is the cutest thing of ever.

    • Hehehe- I will tell them you think they’re cute!

      You’d like Ruckus- she’s a dog trapped in a cats body. I taught her to play fetch.

  6. Yay! The earrings! ^^ I hope you like them.

    I love today’s outfit. I think I must try that belt over cardigan look… prob is that I don’t have a cutesy belt just like yours. I think I must include it on my next shopping spree list which will have to wait for a while cause I’m on shopping ban again. XD Well, good luck to that. ^^

    I wish We Love Colors will have franchise over here. It’s kinda tough looking for gorgeous tights over here. :/

    Of course I love the last picture! Nothing beats the cuteness of two fat cats playing in the snow. ^^

  7. I think your kitties like snow almost as much as my puppy. He literally will jump into snow piles large enough to consume him and somehow comes out unscathed as he happily shakes off the flakes.

    I’m starting to think I’m obsessed with pairing navy and shades of brown. It’s quickly becoming my favorite color combination.

  8. hahaha! When I first saw the pics of your cat, I thought they were playing in a tub of salt? What a cute idea. I’ll have try this with my dog when I’m home.. I think if we let my dog outside, she’d get lost in the snow since she’s a small, white toy poodle.

    • Ha! They’s love a tub of salt- they LOVE salt. They get spoiled in the winter with snow in the tub (if we get enough). If I pull out the bucket and open the doorwall, then take off running because they know it’s playtime!!

  9. I for one, love cats, so I LOVE this post. Here in Cincinnati the Weatherman is frequently wrong. As for the tights, well I love those too. I’m off to add Navy to my list of tight colors…right next to maroon.

  10. Kitties in the snow!?!?! Holy cuteness!

    I love the color palette you’re wearing today. And that cardi is so perfect to bring it all together!

    ps as I write this I’m sitting in my ‘house clothes’ (a better name for pajamas that makes me feel like less of a loser for wearing pajamas all day) after working from home 🙂 Way to go on getting dressed!! hehe


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  12. I cannot believe that cardigan is from Old Navy, it looks vintage! Your kitties playing in the snow is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!

  13. this is a lame comment because all I can say about it is that this outfit is great! Love all the colors and the mix of the patterns on the dress vs. the cardi. and who knew that cats liked snow! Adorable!

  14. Cats + snow + tub = fantastic!
    Also – I was reading the new issue of House Beautiful (3/11) last night and think I found your color soulmate. Her name is Trina Turk, fashion & bedding design.
    Proof (story):
    Q: Have you ever met a color you didnt like?
    A: I’m not a fan of grayed down pastels, but they can be fanstic with other colors, So no, I havent.”
    SEE?!? Anway – check it out. 🙂

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