My legs are like butter and my skirt needs to be ironed.

2.1.11 1 of 30
Dress (as a top): Forever 21
Skirt: JCrew
Tights: c/o We Love Colors (maize)
Shoes: Forever 21

Welcome to my Monday outfit. My skirt would not stay smooth. Apparently I need to invest in a portable iron, or never, never sit down again…

I feel a little like Sydney with my mix of yellow and purple today. These maize tights were so warm, but definitely a head turner. I think from far away people thought I was ill. Oh well. I just adore the color- it’s so buttery yellow, they make me want toast. Or a bacon sandwich*. Yum.

If you follow Andrea’s blog, you saw her wearing this dress (well, a tiny version of this dress) back in November. She got her dress from Lulus, and I was so excited to see it in person, because I really wanted it too! Well, it sold out (boo).
Andrea sent me a text in December saying it was now for sale on Forever 21, for half the price. So I bought one, mostly because I loved the print, and partly so Andrea and I can compare ours to see how similar/different they are. I’m excited to check them out!


*when my sister and I were younger, our favorite thing to eat was a bacon sandwich. Basically, it was two pieces of bread, covered in butter, with bacon in the middle. So bad for you, but so delicious to eat. I fear for my cholesterol levels.


38 thoughts on “My legs are like butter and my skirt needs to be ironed.

  1. That dress (which you are wearing as a top) reminds me of a Nothing Blouse. I had a pattern for this in the 1960s something. The neckline was slightly higher, but otherwise the same. It was called a Nothing Blouse because it was starkly plain – no collar, no cuffs, no buttons. I loved the style and got so proficient that I could make one in a single evening – if I neglected homework and TV.

  2. I kind of like the way the skirt creased… is that odd? I love this outfit- you look fantastic with the puffed shoulders. And I like the tights!

  3. Never would’ve thought to wear a dress as a top! It’s too cute and I like how the skirt picks up the purple in the top/dress pattern.

  4. I think I need to stop buying anything that needs to be ironed all together. Because I am more likely to leave the house a wrinkled mess than take out the iron.
    well, the problem is more with the ironing board, residing under a mountain of “to-dos”

    • LOL! I do iron, although I don’t LIKE to do so. I have one of those mini ironing board, a full size iron and two cats, so things often don’t work out well…

  5. I hate ironing. I avoid it like the plague. And then I wonder why all my clothing looks like crap.

    I love how brave you are. I never even considered yellow tights, and they look so bright and cheery on you!

  6. I love that dress/top! The sleeves are my favorite thing about it. I was so happy to see so many gowns with long sleeves on the Gold Globes red carpet. I love long sleeves! Helps us Michigan girls, too! Hope you’re not surrounded by storm and snow.

  7. you look lovely! love the bold tights and that purple skirt! and the oxfords. ok, the whole look is amazing!

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  9. Oh, those colors make me so happy paired together. It’s really interesting how manufacturers sell to stores like Lulu’s, Modcloth and Forever21, and yet Forever21 always manages to beat the others’ prices because they are so large. Oh, and that bacon sandwich sounds oddly delicious and like something I’d eat in France (they love their butter).

  10. bacon sandwiches sound soooooooooo good right now. even just a butter sandwich – and by butter i mean country crock. i ate so many of those when i was a little girl.

  11. I love the yellow tights! They look great with the outfit – though I could see how they’re close enough to skin color to confuse passersby. And on a camping trip we decided that bacon dripping bread was the most delicious thing ever. It really is.

    • I was trying so hard to NOT stick out my butt! But that’s the largest part of me (full disclosure) and it’s hard to hide!!

  12. Way to rock the maize tights! I’m so terrible at ironing- I think I usually end up ironing in new wrinkles. The pencil skirt still looks lovely on you though.

  13. the yellow and purple is so pretty! I just got a mustard colored pencil skirt and definitely thought of Sydney!

    haha… I eat bacon and lettace sandwiches whenever I’m at my parents’ house (i fail at cooking baon.)… but not butter on them!

  14. this outfit is love x 102843 to me! The dress with the shoulders, the purple skirt! AMAZING! I now want this dress as well! you look fantastic!

  15. My sisters and I ate mayonnaise sandwiches. Just mayo on white bread. Yumm. Also, you never disappoint in your use of color, and the dress-as-top is my favorite remixing tool of all time.

  16. Oh my gosh! I think this now tops the list of my favorite outfits that you’ve worn – love all of these colors together! I would not think that lemon marshmallow colored tights (I am now calling them that, by the way) would be something I need but, yeah, I clearly need a pair of these in my life. They look gorgeous against that purple skirt!

  17. LOL Your legs look super pale if you wouldn’t notice the tights. The dress/top looks amazing! I haven’t seen the dress yet so I’m not sure how it looks like. I’m sure it looks good though. I like the sleeve detail. 🙂

    Oh well, don’t worry that much with the pale legs. I think Ruckus approved it (and the shoes) anyway. 🙂 She looks funny in there! XD

  18. Those tights do remind me of butter and now I want french toast! lol, I’m loving the print and gathered sleeves on that dress!!

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