My winter 30×30 picks

I am really excited to get started on this round of the 30 for 30. Did you know this is my third time with the challenge? Scary right?

I had a tough time choosing my pieces this go-around. Partly because I didn’t want to pick the same ol’ stuff I used the last two times and partly because I needed to make sure I picked wisely. Smack-dab in the middle of the challenge I’ll be starting my new job. Therefore, I need to make sure I pick items that will work well for my current job and hopefully translate nicely to my new job, although I’m not completely sure about their dress code… That’s probably why you see more professional pieces this time instead of the past two times. I wanted to make sure I had many options! Katy says I’m crazy for starting a new job AND participating in the 30×30 (I’m paraphrasing. She didn’t really call me crazy). But, honestly, the job is why I chose to participate. I wanted to be able to get up in the morning, get dressed, and head off to work. I didn’t want to think about what I was going to wear. I wanted to just GO. So the 30×30 falls at a perfect time. Plus, it’s cold, so I’ll need all the jackets I included!

30x30 pt1
30x30 pt 2
30x30 pt 3

I lamented until the very end about everything. I even made a last minute switch of taking out one cardigan, and adding in another top. I am still not sure where the black top is (that’s my missing piece), so if I am unable to find it, I will have to replace it with something else, but I plan to do that quickly so it doesn’t affect the rest of my 30×30.

EDIT: so I had to switch out two pieces, because I couldn’t find my original picks. The black shirt has been traded for a different black shirt, and the grey skirt has turned into a tan pencil skirt. We’re still good, since things don’t officially begin until tomorrow.

Let the remixing begin!


20 thoughts on “My winter 30×30 picks

  1. Good for you for doing another 30 for 30! I think it’s quite ok that you will be starting a new job too. Good luck with that! You picked some really great items. I especially love that blue (denim?) skirt and the black t-strap heels. I can’t wait to see the photos!

  2. These look great! Personally, I love seeing bloggers who show outfits for different parts of their life, because I like having inspiration to be cute no matter what I’m going to do in that outfit, whether it’s going to the lab, out on date night, homework, whatever. Can’t wait to see how this goes!

  3. Holy crap…..I haven’t even picked mine….Ummm, nothing like waiting til the last minute, right? I’m doing laundry today….I’m off work today and tomorrow….and I’m soo freaking out!! lol…..Are you counting that vest? I thought vests weren’t counted in the items? Please tell me ASAP,….that might change everything I already had in mind…..PS, I sent you an email about the Fashion 411 Magazine:)

    • I counted my vest as an item, although I usually don’t count items I wouldn’t alone, for whatever reason I counted the vest…. weird, I know!

  4. Your choices look really good girl! The third time around you’re definitely a pro (and that’s why I’ll be looking to you while I go through this challenge too!)

  5. Good luck with the challenge. I’m going to sit back and just watch this time. Eager to see what you’ll do with that green stripey top.

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  7. “I wanted to be able to get up in the morning, get dressed, and head off to work. I didn’t want to think about what I was going to wear. ”

    THIS. I’m really looking forward to that.

    and you are one of my mostest favoritest remixers so I’m excited to watch you play again! ❤

  8. LOL Only a little crazy! But I totally understand your desire to be able to dress easily in the mornings on your first days. It will make the whole transition process so much smoother. Loving your pics and as always can’t wait to see how you remix them. – Katy

  9. You chose some great pieces. I can’t wait to see the color and pattern combos your going to come up with!! I didn’t join in this time, but I’m looking forward to the inspiration I’ll receive from all the 30×30 participants.

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