Valerie’s Gallery (one ninja cat, please!)

If you guys are wondering what to get your significant other for Valentine’s Day (like I am!) check out Valerie’s Gallery. She offers really cute and useful items like cards, cell phone covers, keychains, tee-shirts and more! I’ve got my eye on anything with a ninja cat on it…( I fear Ruckus will one day try to fight me, ninja style!)

I can see my co-worker’s baby rockin’ out in the music note tee, my husband rolling his eyes at the sweet cat card, ME wearing the cute bear necklace, and Cher LOVING the bunnah (don’t ask) mousepad.

Anyone that can draw such cute pictures is aces in my book! Go take a look around- this girl is talented!

Oh, and be sure to pick out your favorite, because she’s hosting a giveaway here next week!


(Valerie’s Gallery is a sponsor of MVA)

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