Now that the cat’s out of the bag, I can post it here!

On February 14, I start a new job! (yay!)

I’ve been working with the same company for four years and have loved it, but it was time to move on.

My new job is with an organization that helps battered and abused men, women and children. And I’m excited!! 🙂 I get to do events, PR, writing, social media and videos. Very, very fun.

So, if you know of anyone in Southeast Michigan with 1-2 years of communications/website/event planning experience, tell them to email me. I need to find someone to replace me!



24 thoughts on “Changes!!

  1. Congrats! (I just hope they don’t have a strict dress code. I like my Suze Suze-flavored. lolol

    (mailing you somthin somthin THIS WEEK, I got kind of blindsided last week and didnt get it out…)

  2. Congrats! I know what you mean about needing a change as I start a new gig in just 8 days. It’s exciting and much, much needed.

  3. sounds like a very tough but amazing job. I hope you are able to help change many lives.

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