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Thank you again to everyone for their comments, prayers, emails and thoughts. And thanks to ErinLouiseLisa, AndreaTaniaSabrinaToni and Rach for the lovely flowers 🙂 I wasn’t expecting that at all. Loafy has tried to eat them twice, so they’re currently living on my desk at work.

I’m working on a few DIY’s, how-to’s and FAQ posts. So, if you have a question you’d like me to answer, please click here to ask a question (or 2), or leave one in the comments section below.

Thanks guys 🙂


9 thoughts on “Have a question?

  1. I’m a big fan of any and all of the no-sew DIYs even if I don’t do them, and yours are always creative! I’m still searching for the right wedges to thumb tack! lol.

  2. Glad you’re back. I missed you! *big hug*

    I’m so excited to see your upcoming DIY stuffs. I’m sure they’re going to be awesome as always. 😉

    Please say ‘hai’ to Loafy and Ruckus for me. I miss her a lot too! 😉

  3. I think it would be cool if you did a DIY on how to revamp old concert t-shirts into cool, sexy, girly shirts, like House of the Gods shirts (which are too expensive for most people!).
    Glad you’re back. We’ve all missed you and you’re outfits.

  4. Lady you’ve been on our minds, welcome baaack! Glad we could surprise you with some love from across the interwebs 🙂

    I would love to see more of your DIYs, they’re always so fun! And of course your daily outfits. Especially in the Winter I love being inspired by your creativity.

    Big hugs to you and your family!


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