2010 outfit review: September, October & November

(I’m lumping these three together because December will be bit longer…)

September 2010
9.3.2010 Rockin’ my fake Miu Miu’s / 9.6.2010 Midwest Fashion Blogger Meetup / 9.8.2010 I walk the line / 9.14.2010 Who says redheads can’t wear orange? / 9.15.2010 Jackie O meets Barbie / 9.20.2010 Thrfiting chic / 9.23.2010 Welcome back fall / 9.27.2010 Black and white and red all over / 9.28.2010 Grape nuts / 9.29.2010 Princes’ kept the view / 9.30.2010 I’ve listened to preachers, I’ve listened to fools

September was probably my favorite month. My dad was finished with chemo, everything seemed to be going OK in my life. The blogger meetup Cher and I put together was an amazing success. I got to hang out with some awesome new friends I made this year, and all was good.

october 2010
10.6.2010 You’re all wrapped up in mystery / 10.7.2010 I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints / 10.12.2010 Buttoned up / 10.14.2010 I ran to the tower / 10.18.2010 Photo shoot part 1 / 10.25.2010 Sometimes you feel like a blueberry / 10.26.2010 Shut up and let me see your jazz hands / 10.28.2010 #140conf Detroit / 10.29.2010 10 things about me and dressing like Emma

October continued the trend of hanging out with Andrea. I’m really happy I met her IRL. If not for her blog and PRSA, we may have never met and I wouldn’t have such a cool friend. I’m amazed that I’ve met people through blogging I may have never known otherwise.
I also did a photo shoot with Georgia in October, and loved the results!

november 2010
11.3.2010 Mustard must be my new favorite color / 11.8.2010 Tim Gunn at Sommerset / 11.14.2010 Four and five / 11.17.2010 I ain’t got nothing but love babe / 11.19.2010 Ten thousand words swarm around my head / 11.22.2010 I always catch the clock, it’s 11:11 / 11.23.2010 The twelfth night / 11.25.2010 Happy Thanksgiving! / 11.29.2010 Sweet sixteen / 11.30.2010 You are the dancing queen

November was a hard month. I started my second 30 for 30 challenge, and had to learn some difficult news about my dad’s health. I’ll get into that more during my December wrap up.

My all-time favorite outfits from these months are: the blogger meetup outfit, #140conf and Thanksgiving. They’re all colorful and fun!

What are your favorites?


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  1. It’s amazing to watch your growth as a blogger. It is professionalism to keep blogging and to do such a knock out job when you are dealing with difficult things personally.

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