2010 outfit review: July & August

July 2010
7.2.2010 Welcome to my kichen. Hungry? / 7.4.2010 The bubblegum alley / 7.5.2010 Bonjour mes amis! / 7.20.2010 Five, six, seven, eight / 7.20.2010 Keep on counting! / 7.21.2010 Throwing forks / 7.27.2010 13, 14, 15 / 7.27.2010 13, 14, 15 / 7.29.2010 Young and sweet / 7.30.2010 18 and starting to get bored

July was when I cut my Bettie bangs and added my pink hair dye to my hair. It was a sweltering month, and I nearly lost it when it got hotter and hotter!

August 2010
8.1.2010 Nineteen isn’t as much fun as I thought / 8.3.2010 Twenty / 8.17.2010 I’m seeing red in the month of February / 8.18.2010 Channeling Jenni / 8.20.2010 In my bloodstained Sunday’s best / 8.24.2010 Perfect picture baby blues in my day / 8.26.2010 Happy birthday to ME! / 8.27.2010 What I wore on my birthday / 8.30.2010 Final day of the celebrations

August was another hot month. I went to my cousin’s wedding, celebrated my 25th birthday and continued the tradition of Monday chemo visits with my dad. We thought August would be the last month for chemo, but it wasn’t. Treatments went into September.

The other months will be posted soon. And for those of you asking for an update on my father, that’s coming as well.


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  1. Bonjour Mes Amis blows me away. I love that outfit. You have such a cool vintage vibe. You need to be an actress on Mad Men, you would totally fit in!

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