2010 outfit review: June

Happy New Years Eve!

june 2010

6.3.2010 I’m the narrator / 6.7.2010 70’s style party time! / 6.8.2010 So, can you sew? / 6.17.2010 Neon ballerina / 6.18.2010 There’s a thunder in our hearts / 6.24.2010 She’s turning blue, a lovely color for you / 6.26.2010 Welcome back freshmen / 6.29.2010 Cher’s birthday dress / 6.30.2010 You kill me with your kiss / 7.1.2010 Movin’ to the country

(Technically the last outfit was posted on July 1, but I wore it in June, so it counts for June.)

June was the month of neons. I also proudly wore a dress I made with scrap fabric and a t-shirt. It was frakken hot, but little did I know that July would be the worst. June was also the month when my dad started chemo.

I think my favorite outfit of the bunch would be 70’s style party time, because I remember that day really well. I went to a party at Comerica Park with some of my friends and had a great time. Plus that dress is just amazing.

What’s your favorite?

PS- if you go through my archives, I have more outfits each month than the ones I’m showing in these recaps- these are just my favorites! 🙂


18 thoughts on “2010 outfit review: June

  1. I must’ve been here a long time ago because I definitely remember that 70’s style party time, which I would have to say is my favorite from this post 🙂 It’s kind of weird to remember individual outfits from the past from blogs I don’t often visit! Hope you have a wonderful New Year’s (outfit)!

  2. Your use of color absolutely amazes me. I love it. Using color is something I’ve been really bad at but always wanted to be good at. You’re definitely good inspiration! Love you kill me with your kiss and neon ballerina… hmm you also seem to have fantastic post titles :P. I also hope your dad is doing better now (I’m not knowledgeable of the situation since I’m a new reader).

    • Thank you 🙂 I’m a bit color addicted, I admit it!

      I’ll be updating my dad’s situation as I get closer to posting the end of the year recaps. (I haven’t really talked about his treatment since July/August, so no one really know what’s going on!)

  3. I love these monthly reviews you are doing for 2010. Really cool idea! All of your looks are so pretty! It’s difficult to chose which one is best, because you look fantastic in all of them 🙂

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment!!

    Kirstin Marie

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