2010 outfit review: April

April was the first month I took photos outside every day. I was finally comfortable enough to venture outdoors with my camera and ignore the prying eyes from others in my apartment complex and accept that the natural light looks much better in my photos than indoor lightening does.
april 2010
4.1.2010 I am the mountain, I am the sea / 4.4.2010 Happy Easter! / 4.6.2010 Suze in wonderland / 4.7.2010 I could be your heroine / 4.6.2010 Just call me Estelle / 4.8.2010 No more excuses! / 4.14.2010 April showers bring May flowers / 4.21.2010 Brand new day / 4.22.2010 No use for a name / 4.27.2010 Do my tears or mourning sink beneath the sun? / 4.28.2010 Start weaing purple

It was also the month of annoying weather. It was almost warm enough to forgo tights (but I know I was wearing them in every photo), but it wasn’t. Some days were warm and others required a coat. However, it was much nicer than winter out!!

My favorite outfit of the bunch has to be Just call me Estelle. I felt so old Hollywood, even though nothing was old!

What’s your favorite?


13 thoughts on “2010 outfit review: April

  1. Suze in wonderland is fantastic. I love a lot of these, and I like your year in reviews because I’m a relatively new reader and haven’t seen these!

    • LOL! That’s why i wanted to do them! I know there are many, many more readers now than there were then, so this is just a quick snapshot of my favorite looks from each month (these aren’t even all of them!)

  2. YAY! I finally get to catch up on all your outfit posts through this series. 🙂 Love it.

    I think my April favorite is probably Suze in Wonderland (love the tights!) closely followed by Just Call Me Estelle.

    • Thanks! 🙂 Those tights are so BRIGHT in person! I wore them another time during the 30 for 30, when Kendi and I traded posts for the day. I was afraid I’d scare her readers with my super bright tights!

  3. I love the Just Call Me Estelle look too! That deep purple / eggplant color is so flattering with your skin and hair, and the fur detailing around your collar really does add an Old Hollywood feel to the whole look. I think the dress has strong hints of the Mad Men era too!

  4. Suze – I love that I can come to your blog and get an immediate smile on my face from the fun and eclectic color explosion. So much of my wardrobe is black so it is fun living a little vicariously through you. – Katy

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