Hippie chick

Top: Tucker for Target
Vest: Merona
Scarf: Marshalls
Coat: Tulle
Pants: BB Dakota
Shoes: Forever 21
Socks: Reebok, gift from in-laws
Bag: H&M

These pants are the most comfortable things ever. I think they’re supposed to be jeggings, although they’re not made of jean-like fabric. They feel like PJs, but wear like skinny pants. I found them at Marshalls, on clearance for $10. I feel like they, along with these shoes, make my legs look really long, which is sometimes hard to do for someone as curvy as me!



I wish I had this week off. Work has been quiet and slow, which is nice, but I could also have used some time to myself to relax and enjoy sleeping in, which I don’t get to do as often as I’d like.

At least Joe and I are finally getting in our Community and It’s Always Sunny marathons this week. We’re almost through Community, then onto season 1 of It’s Always Sunny. (We watch TV shows in marathons. We’ll watch 2-3 episodes per day, until we’re done with all the seasons that are on DVD.)


PS- so not one of my favorite outfits. Kinda feel like a bag lady, but oh-so-comfortable. Sometimes it’s nice to post my “weird” outfits to prove that we all have off days 🙂


35 thoughts on “Hippie chick

  1. my hubby and i watch both of those shows! and we do marathons after the kiddo’s go to sleep… i love on demand and my DVR!!!! those jeggings are awesome i don’t know how i wore regular jeans before stretch denim was invented!


  2. SUZE! Wow. Those pants are AMAZING on you. I’m super jealous. I am in jeans/jegging trying on hell. But the way those look on you, totally what I’m aiming for.

  3. 1. Good work getting into Its Always Sunny. Hands down my favorite show ever, it’s so well written and you MUST look into the background of where it came from and how the cast is linked. There’s nothing like it (except for Arrested Development which comes close but still not the same)
    2. Those shoes. THOSE SHOES. I love them. I wish I had bought them when I first saw them. They look great with those fabulous socks.

    • I love It’s Always Sunny! I think Joe and I started watching season 1 & 2 earlier last year, so we’ve seen all the episodes. We’re just weird and like to rewatch shows like this because, like you say, it is so well written and hilarious, it must be watched over and over!

  4. Well you don’t look like a hippie chick to me, you remind me of my idea of what the girls in the Nordic countries wear, like on the pages of Hel-Looks, all colorful and bundled up and happy. LOVE the burst of pink between the blue jeggings and the black platforms, and it does look like you could stride into next week.

    Stretch Denim should be given an award like for best things civilization has to offer, right up there with cheese, bread, beer and the printing press.

    • Hehe- awesome 🙂 Sometimes I prefer larger tops and smaller pants, like today. I was so comfortable and warm all day!! 🙂

      I love stretch denim!!

    • If you’re going to get jeggings, get a pair you can try on, rather than a pair online. These are the right length and rise for me, so I love them! I know others who have had success with Jessica Simpson brands!

  5. Love the pink socks peeking out. And have to say you get + points from me for the always sunny. Me and my friends did the same thing, bought all the seasons and watched it front to back! Hilarious and disturbing at the same time haha.

  6. I love outfits like this – when YOU think you’re having a weird/off day but the rest of us think you look amazing. 🙂

    So… I saw a commercial the other night for PAJAMA JEANS so your comment about these feeling like pj’s totally made me laugh. Either way, these look fantastic. I always want to try wearing pants like this but can never find a pair that fit my bum and my legs at the same time, you know what I’m saying? Apparently I need to check out BB Dakota!

    LOVE the scarf!

    • LOL- I usually don’t wear such butt-hugging pants in public, unless I’ve covered my butt!
      If you met me in person, you’d be surprised these fit over my bum. I have a pretty normal stomach and thighs, but my butt/hips are a little wider. I found these at Marshalls!! They’re awesome. Sized up from what I usually wear though.

  7. That’s so funny this feels like an off outfit – I love it! The layers are just so perfectly complimentary. And the first thing I thought was how long and lovely your legs looked! Yay for furry vest blog twins day 🙂 xo

  8. Maybe they are pajama jeans…
    When it’s so cold and so slow at work I really do wonder why we have to go in at all!
    Watching marathons of my favorite shows would be ideal. Season two of United States of Tara came out today and is en route, can’t wait to watch it all this weekend…

  9. I have yet to venture into jeggings territory, but if I could find a pair that made my legs look like that I likely would!

    I love those tights the most, what a great color!

    Now, do I remember correctly that you are also a fundraiser like me, or am I thinking of someone else? If so – what do you mean things are slow at work?! It’s insane here!

    • Well, technically I work for a non-profit, but I’m in the communications department. I don’t do any of the fundraising, but I do the events (we don’t have an event until April!). It’s just slow because so many people are on vacation this week, so it’s very quiet here!!

        • LOL! I used to work for the development side, but now I’m strictly communications!
          I’m just dreading the amount of work that will be here when everyone else gets back next week!

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