2010 outfit review: March

March was the month I got sick of winter and decided to give it the proverbial middle finger by wearing bright colors and floral prints, even though it was still cold outside.
march 2010

3.2.2010: The harbinger of spring / 3.4.2010: Suit up! / 3.9.2010: Underwear as outerwear? / 3.11.2010: Pretty, pretty princess / 3.12.2010: Garden party / 3.17.2010: Mixing patterns / 3.18.2010: Paging Betty Draper / 3.25.2010: Another sunny, floral day! / 3.24.2010: Spring in my step

What’s your favorite?
I’m leaning toward Paging Betty Draper. I haven’t worn that dress is who-knows how long, but I love it. It’s so bright and flattering. I need to wear it more often.

As we move closer to 2011, I’ll be doing a review of some of my best (and favorite) outfits from the past year.


12 thoughts on “2010 outfit review: March

  1. Yea, I like that Paging Betty Draper set too. ^^ The dress looks perfect on you and I love it that you matched it with purple leggings and cardigan. 😀

    My next fave is the Pretty, pretty princess outfit. 🙂 The dress over there is very pretty too. You should wear it again with that nice pistachio jacket or the pink cardigan you’re wearing on the other pic on that post. 😀

    • I actually gave that dress to Louise! She looked so cute in it, and I never really wore it (I’m not a huge fan of halter necklines), so she’s got it 🙂

    • Thanks! I love the tights from that outfit- I don’t know if you can see them, but they’re these awesome spotted tights in random colors!

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