2010 outfit review: February

February was the month of non-stop snow and bone-chilling weather. My outfits become more layered as time went on.
feb 2010

2.3.2010: Goldilocks / 2.5.2010: Air, wind or water? / 2.5.2010: My vintage valentine / 2.13.2010: Stop, drop and ROCK! / 2.16.2010: Schoolyard chic / 2.17.2010: Minty fresh / 2.19.2010: Chica-cherry cola / 2.23.2010: Loafy’s day out / 2.25.2010: Abstract art

What’s your favorite of the bunch?
I love goldilocks and schoolyard chic. I think the jackets and proportion of shirts and skirts are interesting, plus, I was warm those days!

As we move closer to 2011, I’ll be doing a review of some of my best (and favorite) outfits from the past year.


16 thoughts on “2010 outfit review: February

  1. I’m loving Goldilocks too. That jacket with that skirt and those leggings looks perfect. The jacket fits you SO WELL! I love when that happens.

    I am also totally digging Minty Fresh. I need a skirt like that in my life! I am addicted to black/white plaids. It looks great with the mint!

  2. I love the vintage Valentine look. Between your hair, the (fake!) tattoo and the red lips you really nailed the era. Those tights are killer too! I’m also a redhead, and I generally stay away from wearing red in fear that I’ll clash. I think you’ve inspired me to break out the sweaters and tops I have in that color. Thanks for inspiring me!
    (You’re also very brave to wear skirts during the coldest month of the year!)

  3. lovin’ vintage valentine & schoolyard chic – it’s the red shoes! that’s neat that your mom still has her honours pin and that you got to wear it. little details like that are so much fun.

  4. I love the fourth picture…

    1. This dress really suits you.
    2. You look cute on your pose. ^^
    3. Loafy is staring out the window like crazy! XD Cuuuute! XD

    My next fave is the 8th one. 🙂 We have the same scarf! ^^ Thanks again for that pretty gift!

  5. I couldn’t pick just one favorite- I have two. My vintage valentine and chica-cherry cola. Also you have such fun titles. and I love your shoes. My favorite pieces though are the skirt from my vintage valentine and the leopard tights- such an unexpected but great combination.

  6. My Vintage Valentine for the win!
    But they’re all really great! It’s so fun to see you go back and revisit them. Since I’ve only ‘known’ you since late summer, it’s great to see your previous looks all laid out and organized like this. Coolness!

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