2010 outfit review: January

January was the first month I really focused on taking outfit photos. They’re not amazing, but they’re good for a first attempt.

1.1.2010: New Years Eve / 1.7.2010: Flights of Fancy / 1.12.2010: Tartan pride / 1.15.2010: Little miss jazzy / 1.22.2010: Golden girl / 1.29.2010: Mix it up / 1.26.2010: Gemstone days

Which is your favorite?
I’d have to say I loved Golden girl, mostly because I loved the mix of gold and the aqua scarf.

As we move closer to 2011, I’ll be doing a review of some of my best (and favorite) outfits from the past year.


12 thoughts on “2010 outfit review: January

  1. i love mix-it-up, and little miss jazzy has to be a super close second. i adore the pop of the red skirt, and the pink & black/white reminds me so much of lisa frank!

    • I gave the dress to my sister last spring- she borrowed it and loved it, so I passed it along to her. I want to borrow it again though 🙂

  2. I love your new years eve outfit!
    Finally catching up on a few blogs…
    Love your red kitchen aid, sorry to hear your cat is devouring your clothes!
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

    • That outfit has been my sister’s favorite FOREVER! She even bought the same scarf last year because she loved mine so much, and she doesn’t like to wear patterns!

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