It’s a Star Wars Christmas

Christmas Wrapping
Shirt: Target
PJ pants: gift from my mother-in-law (American Eagle)
Socks: Target (yes, they’re mismatched!)

Happy Christmas Eve! And to those that don’t celebrate Christmas, happy Friday!
I’m taking a brief break from blogging to celebrate with family, but I will be back next week (actually sometime this weekend) with my 2010 year in review posts, discussing my favorite outfits from the past year.

Now I’m off to wrap gifts, watch Star Wars and eat the rest of Jenni’s cookies, while attempting to stay quiet because Joe had to work an overnight shift last night, and is very, very tired.

Hope you have a good holiday!



5 thoughts on “It’s a Star Wars Christmas

  1. Your blog doesn’t load at home (maybe because of the pictures or because you get tons of visitors, heehee) that’s why I haven’t left a comment the past few days. Anyway, Merry Christmas! I love the shirt and the polka dots pjs. ^^ I looove polka dots. XD

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