The great cat/goat caper.

Dress: Tulle (recognize a new favorite brand?)
Leggings: Forever 21
Boots: Charlotte Russe
Shirt: Old Navy
Necklace: Modcloth

Rather than talk about my newest obsession and favorite clothing brand, Tulle (I blame Louise), I’d like to tell you a story about my cat/goat, Loafy.

It all started yesterday morning at 2 AM, when I woke up to the sounds of chewing, licking and eating. It sounded like the cat was eating a plastic bag, which is a no-no. We’re really careful to throw them away/not use them/hide them, because Loafy has an odd obsession with them.

Knowing she could be in potential choking danger, I got up and used my phone as a flashlight to try to figure out what she was eating.

I found her, face buried in my clean laundry. Assuming she was chewing on the tie to PJ pants or a sweatshirt pull, I grabbed her to pull her out.

She wouldn’t come out of the pile, because she was attached to something. And by attached, I mean eating.

She was chewing on the lining of one of my dresses! It was covered in kitty saliva, teeth marks and her sharp little teeth were still gnawing away at the spot she was attached to. I shoved her off, rolled up the dress (spit and all) and shoved it to the bottom of the hamper, so she couldn’t get to it again.
(Guilty little brat!!)

The damage isn’t TOO bad, and it’s only to the lining, not the dress itself. But lesson learned! Poor Goaty (as she’s now being called) isn’t allowed around anything I own anymore. She’s also tried to eat an H&M necklace before, so I have to hide that from her too.

My cat is a goat. She eats carpet fibers, paper and anything else she can get her greedy little mouth on. I attempted to adopt two cats, three years ago. No one told me I was really getting a puppy and a goat.

Here’s the puppy/cat, Ruckus.

What did I get myself into?


26 thoughts on “The great cat/goat caper.

  1. my old cat used to be obsessed with cheese. (which is appropriate, as *I* am also obsessed with cheese!) but not just real cheese — she also loved cheese flavoring. i would sit and share a bag of doritos with her… she would just lick the powder off + leave the chip.
    cat after my own heart.

    • Ruckus (the puppy-cat) has an obsession with cheeseballs. We had a big gallon container with ONE left in it, and she batted that thing around for HOURS. It started in the living room and ended up in our bedroom. She never did get it 🙂

  2. Have you ever talked to the vet about that? My friend’s cat used to eat junk off the floor all the time, had to have surgery after scarfing down some dental floss. Appetite for nonfood items is called “pica”, and it can be a result of nutrient deficiency or OCD. I think they might have ended up putting the cat on prozac for a while, or something.

    • I talked to the vet about it last year, and she seemed to think it was OK, because it’s not BIG amounts, and it goes through her systems OK.
      But I should probably mention it again, just in case!! 🙂

  3. Oh, the joys of goat-cats. One of mine, Roman/Bubba, actually ate part of the lining on the bottom of my box spring, as in, pulled it/detached it from the box, then proceeded to start chompin’ on it until I discovered him — much the same way you discovered your goat-cat, actually: middle of the night, in the dark, awakened by the tell-tale sounds of nomming.

    I sympathise. 😉

  4. My cat is a nonfood eater/chewer too. She once ate a used bandaid—whole. She vomitted it up later. Gross.
    The worst thing she does, though, is chew on paper on my desk or table in the middle of the night as a way to wake me up and feed her. I cover the desk with blankets and pillows every night and move all magazine and papers out of her reach, but she manages to get to what she wants. I know I’m just feeding the devil, but I get up at least once every night to feed her just to get her to stop! Ah, what we put up with for the ones we love! 🙂

  5. Rather than talk about your cat, I’m going to talk about your outfit 🙂 I love it. It’s that simple. I’m having an obsession with plaid shirts these days. Everyone has one but me. This one is from Old Navy? I should check Old Navy for a plaid shirt. Sometimes I forget about that store. And to be honest, I’ve never bought or even explored ModCloth’s jewelry/necklaces before. This one is nice. I like how chunky it is and how you’re wearing it outside of the shirt. Hmmmm, more outfit ideas. Thanks Suze!

    • LOL! OK 🙂
      Yes, this shirt is from Old Navy- I found it in the store, for $15! They also had some cute plaid shirt for the same price (to me, this is more gingham). I love Old Navy for the basics. They always seem to have nice jeans and shirts for cheap! I think Modcloth offers really interesting and different jewelry- but make sure to read the reviews. Some things are really nice, some things are kinda crappy. That’s just the nature of the business!

  6. First of all- LOVE this outfit, Suze. Very flattering.

    Second- my dog is obsessed with underwear. Seriously. Sometimes we will find up to 10 pairs under the bed that he has stolen. Gross, I know. But funny!

  7. lol – the guilty picture is adorable – i have two li’l furbabies that give me that same look quite often. one of them likes to eat plastic as well (to where the tall garbage bag edges have to be tucked under) and they’ve recently learned how to knock over the garbage can. also found partially chewed: styrofoam peanuts, dryer sheets, flip flops & anything bread, pastry, or tortilla related. heaven help you if you leave a bag of bread out on the counter.

    also, love those boots

  8. My cat loves crinkly plastic bags and will eat holes out of them. She seems to think that she’s also entitled to people food: I had put leftover cornbread on a plate and then put the whole thing in a large ziploc bag on the counter. The next morning there was a huge hole chewed out of the bag and a crater eaten out of the middle of my cornbread! She also LOVES butter…weird.

    • Ruckus, the puppy, is part bloodhound, I swear. She clawed her way through one of my purses because she could smell a cookie inside of it. It was zipped and BURIED on the couch and she still destroyed it!!

  9. Hah, my boy tabby cat is also a chewer of all things! He gets into my sewing room & will gnaw any ribbons hanging (luckily hasn’t swallowed ’em). Loves plastic bags, tho’ we don’t use them anymore & they only come into the house thru mailorder. Has chewed edges of hats. Adorable dumb kitties 🙂

    I do love that outfit too, great dress & boots!

  10. Wow, I guess I’m lucky, because none of the cats I’ve had have ever chewed on anything!
    I did have a bunny that chewed on anything wood, though!

  11. AHahahah – This is funny but not funny all at the same time. Luckily, the ONLY thing my cat doesn’t do is eat my clothes… ok, actually, he does like to chew on my shoes so I guess I can’t even say that. He chewed up my favorite gold flats earlier this year. Actually, the full story is that he jumped to the top of my closet, knocked the shoe box over, jumped back down and THEN chewed the life out of my gold flats. My boyfriend and I call him out cat dog too because he literally acts like a dog. What kind of mutant cats are the shelters giving out nowadays!? 🙂

  12. Oh my don’t have any cats I have two dogs but I know what you mean when they get into things.
    Sorry about your dress The feeling is so like Oh my gosh you just ate my money that I paid for this dress. I have a collie and a rescue beagle. When my hubby and I first got the little beagle fella he would do things he shouldn’t be doing so we had a behaviorist come to the house for a couple of hours. After that with a lot of work on our part he is so different and loving, he’s still a spit fire but a well mannered one.

    Well have a happy holiday and congratulations on you being added as one of the great bloggers on the Grit and Glamour list.

  13. Good thing she didn’t ruin the dress itself. I hope Loafy didn’t get hurt too. I can relate with that… I also don’t know if I have cats at home or dogs since yes, they eat/bite anything.

    Is Ruckus eating fries?? XD

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