Metro Detroit Goodwill (and how I broke my shopping ban…)

Last night and early this morning, I went to the opening of the Goodwill in metro Detroit. I was really excited when Melissa invited me, because, as we all know, I adore thrifting. And, I got to meet Nicole from The Sale Rack!
Melissa, left and Nicole.

I live in an area surrounded by five different thrift stores and I have to say the new Goodwill location is phenomenal. Melissa, Nicole and I were noticing that it doesn’t have the typical musty thrift store scent. It looks like an upscale department store, which is a huge plus!

With the exception of a small display in the center of the store, everything sold is donated. The items in the center area are new and inexpensive pieces like gloves, earmuffs, some jewelry and even some U of M gear. (I believe there were also some new undergarments in the same area).

While looking around, we found great brand names like Guess, Coach, Christian Dior, Ann Taylor and American Eagle. I, obviously, went straight for the shoes and the dresses and found some amazing deals.

Melissa showed me this wedding dress, in amazing condition with a birdcage veil, for $29.99. No, that’s NOT a typo- only $29.99.

This jacket would look amazing with a black pencil skirt and black heels.

I was tempted to buy this camera to put on my shelf, because it would be an interesting conversation piece! But, then I decided I shouldn’t, since my cats would destroy it.

I almost bought these pink Barbie heels for Jenni, but she said she’s not allowing herself to buy any new shoes for a while, so I left them for someone else with tiny feet! (I couldn’t even fit my toes in!).

Before I show you what I bought, I have to admit my most favorite thing in the store was also the most expensive. No, I didn’t buy it, but another lady went home with it today, and I am jealous!
It’s a 1977 Mata Hari Bally pinball machine. It’s GORGEOUS!!

So now, onto what I bought myself. Honestly, I don’t even feel bad about it because I only spent $20 AND the money goes right back into Goodwill, which helps someone in Metro Detroit find a job. So, it’s a win-win for me!
Oh yes. These are granny-style red and white wingtip heels. NEVER BEEN WORN. I got them for $4.99. And they fit my giant feet. Love!!

Melissa’s holding up my new dress. it’s flowy, 70s style and RED! We all know how I feel about wearing red (I love it!!). My mom and I are trying to decide if we should hem it at my knees or leave it long. What do you think?

So, there you have it. I’m not done with the 30 for 30 yet, but I’ve already spent money… oops!! I forgive myself, and I hope you’ll forgive me too!



32 thoughts on “Metro Detroit Goodwill (and how I broke my shopping ban…)

  1. Holy Wow, did you score girlie!!! LOVE the shoes, and of course the dress….I think if it was me, I would hem it up shorter:)
    The store looks amazing…and what a bonus without a basement smell… did great!!!

  2. I like the idea of it long-how much fun would it be all flowing around your feet? The shape of it is awesome. Although, I can def. see you rocking it shortened too. Hard choice!

    This Goodwill looks amazing. I live in Chicago, so now I’m trying to plan how long it would take me to get there. Ha!

    Lindsey Soup

  3. Wow, what great finds! I want your shoes! About the dress, I say leave it long for the first few wears and see how you like it. If not, make it into a flowy almost-mini to show off your awesome legs!

  4. You’ll look lovely in that dress either way, but I say leave it long for now. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a really long dress. You can always shorten it later if you don’t like it. Those shoes are gonna look super cute on you, too!

  5. i need the location to this amazing thrift store asap!!! i live in the Metro Detriot!! i love that red dress! hmmm… i can’t decide between long and short… it depends on how it ends up fitting, the long sort of maxi dress is pretty cute right now


    • It’s on Ford Road in Canton, across from Ikea (so really close to 275). Send me an email- I’ll let you know about all the others!! πŸ™‚

  6. that looks so fun! And like an amazing goodwill. You would LOVE America’s Thrift store in Chattanooga. It’s in an old Sam’s Club building, massive and amazing… muc like this.

    And again, so sweet of you to think of me! Those shoes are adorable! I seriously sat on the floor of my closet trying to figure out how to arrange my shoes to get them all to fit in my closet… i failed. This is why I have to keep from adding anymore shoes! I am having to get rid of a pair actually and they still don’t all fit. FRUSTRATING! =)

  7. Haha, I forgive you (since I encouraged you too anyway!)
    The red dress is so fun – my vote is to shorten, you’ll probably get more use out of it.

  8. First of all, 30 days have passed since the challenge began so whether you have posted 30 outfits or not, I think you can consider the shopping ban over. Plus, it is all for charity, so you can consider it a donation. Lastly, those were good picks and good prices, so you can consider it a necessity.

    The Auspicious Life

  9. You are forgiven. I say hem it shorter, but this would be a more informed decision if I could SEE you in it first. Gah, a new thrift store would be a terrible temptation!

  10. Hi. I’m a new reader and fellow michigander. I know there use to be a goodwill in metro detroit because I went there as a child/teenager…I spent 7 years away from the mitten though, so I guess things have changed. Where is this new one?

  11. That goodwill looks about the size of every second-hand shop I have ever been into in my entire life (and believe me, thats a wholllleee lot!).
    I love red too (maybe its a red head person thing), and I would deffinitely hem it! it would look lovely with a low V back as well! xxx

  12. Wish the goodwill near where I live had nice things. The oldest they have is stuff from the 90s. 😦 I want olderrrrr.

  13. Those shoes are AWESOME! Good find πŸ™‚

    I broke my shopping ban at Goodwill too (actually here it’s called Value Village if you can believe it), I guess we sure did learn something about the value of our clothes along the way.

    You photographs of the Goodwill are really nice, you sure did a lot with the bad lighting πŸ™‚

  14. My husband would have bought the pinball machine and left the clothes..Lol I would hem the dress, but that’s because I’m short! πŸ˜‰ I wanted to let you know that I tagged you as one of the blogs that inspired me. Because I really do enjoy visiting your blog and learning new color combos, plus being inspired by your style.

    • Thanks!!

      If I had $600 and the space, I would’ve bought the pinball machine. But, my parents have two of them, so I could always take one of theirs if I really wanted one!! πŸ™‚

  15. That Goodwill looks so nice! I can’t wait to check it out. I love that red dress too. I think you should keep it long, the fabric is so pretty and would be fun statement dress.

  16. I totally understand you since I also broke my self-imposed shopping ban. XD

    I love the shoes you bought! And wow, they’re just 4.99? That’s an awesome find! ^^ I wish there’s a store like that over here too. XD

    I’d love to own the vintage camera too and the pinball machine! Although I guess that pinball machine costs fortune… right? XD

  17. fantastic! those red wing tips are fantastic and the dress is too! I would definitely shorten it because that way you’ll likely get more wear out of it. its lovely regardless!

  18. oh and i forgive you! i cheated too….shhhh. i went thrifting and couldn’t help myself when i was on vacation in LA for Thanksgiving.


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