You can’t be 21 forever

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Coat: Vintage, thrifted
Shirt: Tucker for Target
Cardigan, boots: Target
Pants: Kenneth Cole
Earrings, hat: Forever 21

You know it’s really cold when I pull out this coat. I know it’s cold when I wake up every morning with one cat on my feet and the other on my chest. They only share the bed when it’s freezing outside. In the summer they’re never in our room. Crazy animals.

It was so cold when taking these photos and still snowing! It’s been snowing for three days, but we don’t have any accumulation yet!

I’m bummed I didn’t get any close-ups of my earrings. They’re little pink robots!! Next time guys, next time.


Title song: Punchline – 21 Forever


16 thoughts on “You can’t be 21 forever

  1. That is a great coat! And I love the polka dots – the orange and pink is such an unexpected but cool color combo.

    Brr – sounds cold. Our cats sleep on us when it’s cold too, but they’re delicate California cats.

  2. You have snow, I want snow! I only have wind,but I guess I can wait I’m in no rush to shovel. You always play with color so well and I admire that! Plus today your wearing the shirt I should have bought, with a jacket that I’m in love with now! Shearling coat is always a yes for the winter time.

  3. I really like your 30 outfit idea! nice blog suze:)

    Ill be checking back in to your blog…and its about time I whip out my winter coat:/

    Visit if you like to keep up with daily fashion on the runway and how you can get the altnerative affordable look in your closet! : )

  4. i don’t really know where the snow is going. is it melting? is it even above freezing? is someone making a giant snowman with all of my snow?

    anyway, that coat is absolutely stellar with your hair!

  5. The hat made you look cute! ^^ I like this outfit cause I could see the polka dots top again. I really like seeing this top on you. Maybe because the red dots compliment your red hair. ^^

    Aww… the cats for sure looked cute cuddling with you. ^^ Say hi to them for me. ^^

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